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GRID Autosport - Save Corrupt (360)

ARuslingARusling Member Unleaded
Hey guys, I had a break from GRID Autosport for a few months, and as I understand it, there were a few patches released in the meantime. When I returned to the game after installing the patches, I was absolutely gutted to find my save progress was corrupt. I have not altered the save file in any way or transferred it anywhere, so I can only presume that one of the patches have corrupted my save file. 

I am absolutely gutted because I have lost hundreds of hours of progress online and offline, I was over level 100 online and was well on my way to reaching 100% completion in single player.

Is it possible for me to have my file repaired and sent back to me, or will I have to put up with it? To be honest, I don't think I'll be playing the game again if I have to start from scratch.

Edit: Just realised I have probably posted this in the wrong subforum, could a mod possibly move it please?
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  • SVENOSSVENOS Member Unleaded
    edited July 2015
    Here the same. Didn't play for a few months and my save datas are also corrupted as ARusling said but I'm on PS3. Can you fix that?

    Edit: I deleted all my game save datas and now its working.
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