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Leagues - Service Not Available

I can sign in (apparently) to Racenet on the PS4, and I can unlink/link my account through the Dirt game menu, but when I go to leagues it says "The Racenet service is not available. Please try again later". It's been like this since this morning, but was working fine last night.


  • ewandwhoelseewandwhoelse Member New Car Smell
    edited January 1
    Just created another account and it works fine, so it's some problem with my original account, which is a pain because now I have a different email address for the racenet account that my psn account is linked with, just because of some error with my original account which has happened seemingly overnight.
  • ewandwhoelseewandwhoelse Member New Car Smell
    edited January 1
    Also the search bar for leagues just isn't working, either on the pc or the ps4. Site is barely loading too. Sorry, bit of a moan, but I was stoked to get playing in my Friend's league and this has thrown a spanner in those works. Having to re-friend them and re-join the league.
  • sennsenn Member Unleaded
    It's still not working and I've also did a brand new account and still the same not working .

    find a league search function is still broken as of time of posting this post, 

    i did send  Jenny a message and she has passed it on to devs, this is for dirt rally but I presume it will be broken in dirt 4 also,
    please fix soon as there's no point in me or friends even doing leagues because no one can join them .
  • sennsenn Member Unleaded

    just now now checked as I want to join a league in dirt rally and search function for find a league is still not working ,Christina mc replied back to me 4 days ago saying she was looking into problem for which I am very grateful ,

    the he find a league as actually been down from around Christmas so that's over 21 days ago ,must be one hell of a problem,I can build a whole new website lol,  I can't actually  but please can this problem be addressed as only 2 people have comfirmed from codemasters that they are looking into it ,

    all ll the best 
  • sennsenn Member Unleaded
    Dirt rally search for a league is still down ,,

    what at is going on here ,am I just wasting my time posting and going on the website to find my friends leagues when codemasters are not going to do anything ,

    atleast put put out a statement telling everyone not to bother on dirt rally find a league ,then that way we can all stop wasting our time setting up dirt rally leagues only to find no one can join them,

    sorry Christina but it's like 7 days ago you replied saying you were looking into problem,it seems that you have either closed website down but not bothered to take it off completly,

    i am normally wrong 99% of the time,
    all the best and keep up your good work codies 
  • koogrally2003koogrally2003 Member New Car Smell
    9th of April still racenet service is not available. Unbelievable. How is it possible this has not been fixed yet ?
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