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DiRT Rally Road Book – 24/07/15 | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT Rally Road Book – 24/07/15 | Codemasters Blog

Welcome to this week’s slightly delayed Road Book which has nothing to do with the fact we (by that I mean me) thought it was Tuesday all day on Wednesday and didn’t realise until it was too late… It’s been a busy week.

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    Hi to the entire team, thank you for your great job. But I am surprised not always see patch notes for the co-pilot in the French version of DIRT (error in the special announcement of Wales left turns to right or right to left) many greetings. good continuations
  • gollumb82gollumb82 Member New Car Smell
    Guys, just wanted to give you a heads up regarding the issue called "can`t fullscreen on mobile nvidia graphics cards". I have a GTX 860m and had the issue since launch and didn`t really mind it but I installed Windows 10 yesterday and it solved the issue :) Now the game runs in fullscreen and is even better. Spread the word because more people read your updates on Steam and for some reason I can`t post there. Oh, and keep working on the best rally game ever :) Thank you.
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