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grid autosport data save corupted

hi about 2 days ago i enter grid autosport and bang  the data save corupted  so first step was to save the folder 255220 and now im waitng for a way to recover about 40 hours of online races 191 races and avreg pozition 1 and abou 5 6 cars with 25 35 levels that is very hard to get  so i hope  it wil be a fix im very upset plzz help me fix dis codemasters


  • tatasandbeertatasandbeer Member New Car Smell
    same thing happened to me only this time is the 3rd time I'm leaving comments all over this forum hoping somebody from codemasters reads it Thanks for nothing your games belong on the $1.99 shelf at the dollar store damn shame to grid autosport is a nice game to bad a company like 2k didn't produce it I take this as an insult you releasing such a half ass game I will never ever pre-order a codi's game again if this is the way you treat your customers selling them substandard merchandise  PURE HOGWASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • oFFseToFFseT Member New Car Smell

    yep on my second one   "and i go to options save before i exit every time" after the first frozen game corupt.

    im wondering if i contact MS cause i downloaded it if i can get a refund + the usless addon cause im not starting another.  i shoulded learned my lesson from grid 2 i will never buy another codemaster product again.

    just so u know i have bought every grid "xbox" pluse a couple PC titles from u! im disgusted that u can pull this kind of bs. im sure i wont get a reply or a fix, from what i can tell us suckers just get ignored

  • gabepunk77gabepunk77 Member New Car Smell

    thanks codemasters for this awesome game...after one week playing this boring, endless, useless and nonsense online (lv 250 and 5000000 xp points always doing the same thing over and over again..why? Is it that funny?! bah...) and reached lv 117, i have got the save file corrupted message. Now i have lost everything yeahhh!!!I'll never restart all of this again, but the happy new is: finally this so called ehm..game tomorrow will reach the right place where it belongs: the toilet! ill never buy a codemasters game again.  
  • andyparksandyparks Member New Car Smell
    edited July 2014

    codeshafters we need  the patch

  • modris16modris16 Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2017
    I have same problem, so much time spent to reach levels, upgrade cars, and then one sunny day i got message that my save is corupted, thank you, i will never play this game anymore!!!
  • sammyboy123sammyboy123 Member New Car Smell
    If this is happening on PC turn off Steam Cloud saves, that corrupts it.
    same thing to me also. my question is why hasn't code master answered these question. its been happening for 3 years .  is the answer they don't know why it happens really.  well i want a answer right freaking now!!. i have put two years into this game and i will not start over.  so code master if you have any balls at all give me a answer. if not i will be coming to the uk on business in the next few months.  i will make the time to visit you in person if you don't give me a solution or a answer.  
    Ok Code Masters. Three years ago you promised everyone you would have a patch in a week . Weeks turned into months. This was promised by your employee Operator 1. So where is it ?? Did you just not make one. Is it because your all morons and don't have the brains. I heard some of those Indian **** living in your country are pretty smart give them a job. They couldn't do any worse then your doing right ?
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