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New league proposal : "Clubman Rally" - Pitch and open questions ...

ledidledid Member New Car Smell
edited January 5 in DiRT Leagues
New open league proposed from January 2018 "Clubman Rally", dedicated to Rally championships for cars belonging to categories 1960's, 1970's or 1980's. 
This league is intended to be played by players at 'Clubman' driver's level and will be composed of short championships open for 8 days long.  First proposed event is already scheduled starting from January 7th up to January 14th included.  My current idea is to organize each event for one of the three mentionned car categories on a random way, with owned cars.  Occasionnally an event will impose a car model available for renting.   The frequency and types of events will be adapted in function of participants expectations in terms of driving intensity.  Please feel free to join and to comment...


  • DrHolmesDrHolmes Member New Car Smell
    I fully support the idea. I would also support if it was a pure "Clubman Rally", not "Clubman Rally with occasional RX or hillclimb" lol
  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    DrHolmes said:
    I fully support the idea. I would also support if it was a pure "Clubman Rally", not "Clubman Rally with occasional RX or hillclimb" lol
    Thank you DrHolmes for your interest, I can follow your tip for sure.  Please do not hesitate to let me know your experience with the first event, as it was my first league experience, I'm not yet completely familiar with the various options.  I hope other gamers will join and that it can become a pleasant group ...
  • DrHolmesDrHolmes Member New Car Smell
    Experience? Practically none. I've only completed the championships once before I bought the game on steam and that was only in the Mini anyway. I was kinda hoping to do this as a little practice for the clubman rallying I do myself, so stuck with a low powered FWD for the entirety of the game but I am happy to give different vehicles a go now even if only for banter. And I think lower powered historic clubman cars are a perfect ground for some social driving.
    The first event was brilliant. Just keep doing what you're doing :smile:
  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    Thank you DrHolmes for your feed-back ! It seems we are quite on the same line so far... Well, now we are five racers in the league, it is not very much yet; but quality above quantity is my philosophy ! If we have one extra driver each week we will be above the 50 at the end of the year. 

    The first event is closed now and yet I opened the second now.  It is a seasonal 8 tracks ride inspired by the current season, winter.  The opportunity to discover or visit again a few snowy tracks from Sweden and from Monte-Carlo in all weather conditions.  For this ride you get a rent car Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 (1980's) with an access to the repair team on each two tracks.  So relax, step in and avoid the killing holes... 

    My idea to further develop this league is to keep the rythm of one event a week with 4 to 10 tracks by event in order to give people also having a social life and other duties to join and follow the league.  But feel free to comment and give suggestions as I want participants to enjoy to be part of the league...

    (Where are my scarf and my mittens ?...)

  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    As inspiration knocked at the door, I already designed and planned the third event starting on 23rd of January. 
    For this event you are invited to join with your own rally car from the entry category 1960 for a one day journey through the muddy woods and plains of Wales, forward, reverse and rewind from the very early morning to the end of the day through the various parts of the Genfron Forest track.  Don't forget your boots and your raincoat ! And avoid bumping into the trees...
  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    As we terminated the last season with two active drivers, it seems me logical to ask whether this league should be pursuit or not. 
    My questions to active participants (on at least one season) : what is your feeling so far about the proposed seasons in this league ? what should be adapted and what should be kept ?
    My questions to passive participants (viewers...) : did you or do you consider joining the league ? why no/yes ? What would be your motivation to effectively join the league. 
    I will do a pauze in programming the driving seasons after the first three of it, in order to can have exchanges about the direction to take for this league. 
    Please feel free to comment !
  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    Awaiting the feed-back for the future of the league, I still planned an extra event starting this evening and lasting one week long, here a short introduction about it. 
    For this event you get a BMW E30 M3 (1980's) to rent, to use in standard conditions : no own car, no repair teams (no engineers), and no tuning.  You get the four long tracks of Sweden to drive on in various conditions (mist day/night, snow day/night), thus without service area between the tracks; so you have to take care of your car in order to bring it over the final line in one piece.  To compensate the difficulty of the challenge I activated the 'Stage retry' option and the checkpoint after every single track, in order to avoid to be excessively punished for the first driving error...
    If you join the challenge please let give your feed-back about your experience of this event configuration. 
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