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Colin McRae Rally 2.0 graphics bug/glitch

Hi all,
I decided to dig out my copy of CMR2 after watching a stream by sim racing Youtuber Jimmy Broadbent. I installed the silentcmr2 patch so I can play it and it works a charm apart from one thing. There are no sliders when choosing the setup of the car, and no red/green boxes to tell me if I'm up/down on the split. I have screenshots of the bug here: https://imgur.com/a/7i1dK
Is anyone able to help me fix this issue out?
I run the game on Windows 10 in Windows XP compatibility mode.


  • huckleberrypiehuckleberrypie Member New Car Smell
    What's your system  specs? 'Tis strange as I am able to play the game more or less fluently apart from random polygon corruption and framerate issues at points. I did not use any compatibility modes on my end.
  • cricketwescricketwes Member New Car Smell
    I play the game on my laptop, an Acer Aspire which is getting on for 5 years
    Processor: Intel i5
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    RAM: 4GB
    Memory: 500GB
  • shadeddrakeshadeddrake Member New Car Smell
    I have the exact same problem on my laptop I've installed the silent patch and everything else in the game seems to work fine but the set up sliders and the split times dont appear on the screen pls help

  • JackKeyJackKey Member Wheel Nut
    maybe use the newest dgvoodoo as well
    it has now a directx8 emulator as well next to the glide

    works like a charm to me
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