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Should I give up?


  • 1henryw1henryw Member Unleaded
    edited January 2018
    On My third career now. First two didn’t work due to various flaws in the game. Just completed my third season with Toro Rosso. Ive been doing all the practice sessions and trying to upgrade yet I’m exactly where I started in terms of development. Will I ever be able to move up the grid? Thing is I play on 90% difficulty with medium traction but no other assists and that’s perfect for me. However I’m able to get perfect scores on track acclimatisation and qualy sim most of the time plus normally do ok on the race sim but I just can’t get anywhere with the fuel and tyre ones. I fail miserably at them every time. Will this stop me from being able to move forward? I wanted to take em to the top but getting damn bored of doing season after season with the same team and not progressing. Upgrades are far too expensive :(
  • SgtKubicaSgtKubica Member Wheel Nut
    edited January 2018
    I'm just waiting until this year's game and if there is no improvement on last years, Codemasters will be losing a sale. Had enough of it, and had enough of Codemasters not providing answers.
  • 1henryw1henryw Member Unleaded
    edited January 2018
    Yeah Codemasters really let themselves down last few years. No career mode in f1 2015 then they basically lied about the r and d feature for career mode in f1 2016. Now f1 2017 they think people will enjoy doing five practice sessions 200 odd times over 10 seasons only to see most of the upgrades fail. I buy f1 games cus I wanna race not go round and round trying to conserve fuel or “acclimatising” to tracks I’ve driven on countless times . It’s just not fun. 
  • SgtKubicaSgtKubica Member Wheel Nut
    edited January 2018
    What I think Codemasters need to do is complete revise the R&D. I feel they should give out either more resource points or decrease cost of development with less time spent on track. Not as much as 2016 though, as it was too easy to work your way up the grid.

    As well as this, I feel the fuel programme needs to be worked on because Pad users are at a huge disadvantage and it's almost impossible for them to get purple.

    Anyways, hopefully Codemasters have listened to our feedback (I doubt this) and can sort this.

    This'll probably get a lot of disagreement, but it's just my own view.
  • 1henryw1henryw Member Unleaded
    I’m a pad user. I like my pad plus wheels are so expensive. On PS4 the radio noise comes out of the controller really adds to the realism :) 

    Totally agree I think they went in the right direction with more upgrades etc but making them so hard to get and adding failures just makes it too slow and hard to upgrade. It was clearly rushed as was last years r and d that’s why they are both so flawed. 

    They seem to listen to some feedback early on after they release the game but everything else gets ignored. Some of the feedback they listen to isn’t even the majority view. One person last year said r and d parts should fail and most disagreed with him yet they added it in...

    Hope they still read the forums this far in but doubt it sadly :(
    As someone on here said a while back, career mode isn't a career, it's just a season with 200 races!

     To make things more interesting, they should have a shake up of the grid after each season (as that's when most of the performance jumps happen IRL), or at least every 2-3 seasons. I actually don't mind parts failing, but I can see how frustrating it is if it keeps happening. Try to save up resource points towards the end of the season and then get a load of upgrades for Australia next year. These upgrades (in my experience) never fail!
  • 1henryw1henryw Member Unleaded
    Ah that’s interesting I did that last season and my upgrades didn’t fail for once. I figured it was a fluke but maybe that’s the reason.

    Just finding the r and d on this one very frustrating and now I’m in my fourth season I’m really sick of the practice sessions. 

    Yeah it it really is. When you go into a new season it still even says 2017. The commentators still talk like it’s 2017 and the announcers at the tracks can still be heard talking about the reigning world champion Nico Rosberg recently retiring :(

    There are definitely ways they could mix it up a bit. 
  • LappedRunnerLappedRunner Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2018
    Can't say I'm having the same issues. It's taken 3 seasons to move my McLaren to the front of the grid, but i have no problem with that. It should be hard. There's always the option of signing for other teams and moving up the grid that way if you want it to happen quickly. 2016 was a joke with it taking only 1 and half seasons to turn Manor into a powerhouse.

    You really need to improve with the fuel and tyre wear tests. It's a lot of points missing. Watch some youtube guides, because it really isn't impossible on a pad. You just need to drive very differently to how you normally would. Once you've got it down doing 2 extra laps in practice doesn't take that long. Nothing like 2016's 7 lap tyre wear tests. Now those got old fast. If you really cant do them have you tried lowering the difficulty before practice and putting it up again for qualifying?

    Also don't neglect the cost reduction upgrades. They pay for themselves in big fashion over time. 
  • 1512marcel1512marcel Member, Drivers Champion
    I still think it's kind of rubbish not being able to spend all R&D in one season. Like the 2016 game it didn't see a point in playing a ten year career which is not very logical.

    If you use ABS or Traction Control, you are no longer a racing driver.


    If I get a few more questions about my driving style I think I headbutt someone.

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  • patronaspatronas Member Wheel Nut
    Uwas having the same problem with renault got up to season  3 developed 90 percent of chassis and 40 aero havent touched engine with team mate not getting upgrades ive only  over took 1 team williams and that was in first season having a battle to stay infront of force india as every time I apply upgrades they do and im putting them on at every oppertunity and top teams seem to do same so imno further forward than when done first season havent played the game since last official race not planning to till season starts again where ill be stuck with an out dated game for the first half season just hope the can sort some of issues out before season starts when ill start a new game again 
  • echo321echo321 Member Wheel Nut
    Don't know how it's called, but the efficiency upgrades(those that reduce the costs for further performance-upgrades) are very usefull.
    To fully upgrade all performance-upgrades you will need 78'000 R&D points. All efficiency-upgrades together cost 18'750 R&D points.
    So if you go for the extreme, first upgrading all the efficiency upgrades and then the all performance, it will cost only 57'750 R&D points. (costs for performanceupgraces will in this case only be 50%, so 39'000). Even if you don't go for this extreme way, it will still help you a lot when first upgrading a few of the efficiency-upgrades, as you will get upgrades faster later on.
    I went for this extreme way in my 2nd carreer, it took me until season 2, around the 2nd or 3rd race to get all the efficiency-upgrades.(can't remember exactly)
    Right now, i'm in season 3, next race austria, and my team(Sauber) is in p8 in Teamstrenght, but only about 1, max. 2 minor upgrades behind p6(Williams).
    It was hard to get there, as you drop so far back only upgrading the efficiency-upgrades, but by the end of season 3, i think i will bring sauber to about p4 in teamstrengh. You get so many uogrades in(one per race at least).
    So, my tipp is to invest some R&D points into efficience upgrades.

    For the practice programms, in the tyrewear programm, use rich-fuel-mix on the straights. That's free laptime. Make sure you don't lock up the tyres into braking zones, don't touch the gras while braking, and best also don't drive on kerbs/curbs while braking, as it's very easy to lock up the tyres on those. Don't go full lock left or right with steering in the corners. Only go for about 70-90%. It will cost a little time, as you have to drive slower, but tyrewear will inprove so much that it's worth it for the programm. Maybe also don't go100% input on braking.(very usefull on a wet track!!) Even if you only go 70-80%on the brakes,the car will deccelerate quite a lot. You might need to brake20-30 meters earlier. With the time gained on the straights with rich fuel-mix, it should not be a problem easing in the braking zones and throughout the corners. And maybe don't go too early onto the throttle(/full throttle). Even with traction-control enabled you can have a lot of tyrewear when accelerating out of corners with full-throttle. Maybe you have to adjust your setup. Don't go for too extreme setups. This should also help in the race.
    For fuel-saving programm, try to use higher gears. 1 or 2 gears higher then you would normally. You will only lose a little bit of time due to that it's a fuel-saving test. In combination with lift and coast you can save a lot of fuel. And if it's still not enough, and your delta is good, just lift the throttle few meter before the finishline, it will give you a huge boost.

    Those few tipps help me alot with the practice programms, I'm using a pad too. I'm able to get purple in tyrewear and fuel saving easiely on most of the tracks, driving on 100% difficulty. Hope it can help you a bit.
    Sorry for my bad syntax, bad wording, just bad english in general... it's not my native language ;) just ask if something is not clear what i wrote.
  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Petrol Head

    To answer your thread title:

    Take the "Black Pill".....

  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    edited January 2018
    Thats a tough position for sure. My only assist is auto gears, since a medical issue I struggle multitasking so this eases my troubles (I also use controller which isn't ideal for racing simulators) but it doesn't hold me back, bar not being able to do fuel practice as automatic gears makes it impossible to coast effectively, its all about the early shifting and not over reving. Tyre practice I find no issue as its only about the corners, ease off the throttle and glide smooth as you can around the corners. You just need to remember what corners need what pressure.

    Only aware of McLaren power R&D being the big issue but assume power is the same for all teams but simply more noticeable for McLaren due to the heavy deficit vs the other teams.
    Try concentrating on the other 2 R&D more, if that doesn't cut it just choose your favourite top team and enjoy the ride there.
    2016 was much simpler and easy to do up multiple teams in a single career, I could do all my favourite team to be top dogs lol! But 2017 is maybe overly complex and with so many areas of R&D it is very ineffective unless you have most of the R&D complete. I have started over with Williams and am doing them up fully, nearly completed aero R&D fully then it will be chassis. Its a long road so picking your preferred team rather than the more fun low start and rising driver experience is advised.

    Other than that DNFs will effect your reputation and therefore your ability to move on to better teams and not being in an affiliated team. For example me being in Williams with the Merc engine, 1st season, 3rd finish overall as 1st driver, I got a 1st driver offer from Merc. So think about that if you want certain teams to be interested in you more.
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  • 1henryw1henryw Member Unleaded
    Thanks a lot for all your responses. echo321 that was really helpful. I actually managed to complete a fuel one following ur advise! Got 30 but still! Tried a tyre one a couple of times and got closer but still not able to do it. Thanks chirontheseus as well ur advice was helpful too. Decided I’m gonna plug away for at least another season. If that doesn’t work I’m done with it lol
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