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New to this - several questions

Just bought Grid Autosport today.  Used to play Need For Speed a lot but haven't played in several years.  Definitely NOT a "gear head" but not a complete noob either...have a wheel/pedals and know basics, like cornering, accelerating through turns, etc.  Since it's been awhile, I started out on "easy" settings.   Why is it that on "easy" all of the other cars easily pull away from me in a straight line when I am standing on the pedal, and even when they spin out and I pass them by, they easily catch up to me and pass me?!?!?  If this is "easy" how the hell hard is the "hard" setting?!?!?!  Is this set up to purposely de-spirit new players, or does "easy" really mean "hard" and vice-versa?  

Also, The main reason I purchased this game was to race at the Indy 500 - the write up I saw said that is one of the courses you can race.  Yet, I can't seem to locate it.  How do I race at Indy?

Very frustrating game so far...hope someone can convince me I didn't just waste my money.  :-(  
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