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DIRT4 PS4 crashes during events

I love to play Dirt4 events on my PS4 but i've had a couple of times now that after the 4th or 5th day of the weekly  or monthly event Dirt4 crashes. It does not react to any of the controllers and even the sound/music is off. Only thing left to do is close the game and restart it again but when that is done you cannot finish the event and you are disqualified for that event (DNF). Had it a couple of times now and i'm freaking because i was in the top 10. Never had any problem with other games. Anyone got the same problem?


  • cjr3559cjr3559 Member New Car Smell
    I had the same issue on the Group B weekly event this week. Resulted in DNF.  The other weekly and the dailies have been fine. Haven’t started the monthly yet. 
    PSN: cjr3559
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