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World Sim Racing - Assists Allowed League - Season 1 - Sunday Night Racing - All Abilities Allowed

BrazienBrazien Member New Car Smell
edited January 2018 in F1 Games - Leagues
Hello People!
This is World Sim Racing, an all ability racing league for everyone!

- Lobby host: Brazien
- No Restarting Unless Glitching Occurs
- Apply on the Discord Server
- Racing is Sunday 8PM GMT 

Race Lobby Settings

Race Start: Official Times
Parc Ferme Rules: On
Car Performance: Equal
Qualifying: Short
Race Distance: 50%
Vehicle Damage: Full
Formation Lap: Off
Safety Car: Off
Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict

Assists Which Can Be Used
- Racing Line
- Automatic Gearbox
- TC
- Anti Locks


- Make sure all overtakes are done in a clean and respective manner.
- Malicious Behavior Isn't Tolerated
- No fake crashes
- Do not invite people into the race lobby if they're not in the league
- Don't impeded people on YOUR out lap
- Listen to in-game rules immediately
- If qualifying run is ruined, slow down and try again and if its a persons fault record it
- When defending, only make one move to defend your position.        
- Record If Possible

Interested and can play the whole season? Reply to this thread with the following template!: 

- Steam Username:
- Assists:
- Connection test using http://speedtest.net:
- Nationality:
- Car Choice If Available (Check League Info):
- Time Trial Lap times for Australia (Dry), Austria (Dry) and Abu Dhabi (Wet):

League Info: 


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