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Game idea - dynamic tyre compounds

we hear This every year: “Pirelli is going to make next years’ tyres softer And more make them wear out quicker”.

As we now have a multi-year career mode, wouldn’t it be Nice to see changes to the degradation of the tyres between seasons? 

Year 1: every race is 1 stop
year 2: Much more wear, every race is 2 stop
year 3: lower wear, every race is close between one Or 2 stop 
and So on.



  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    Might have a minuscule impact on their future sales if the seasons were too unpredictable and progressed like that. If they make the game TOO good consumers might skip a year, and we can't have too many doing that! 

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  • kevinkirkkevinkirk Member Team Principal
    last year they were asked to make them harder because of the new changes to the car. Which resulted in complaints that they were to hard all year long.
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