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Dirt 4 - Pro Tour Matchmaking Crash


I was just waiting for the matchmaking on the Pro Tour Game Mode when suddenly the game crashed (blue screen). As soon as I’ve launched the game again and returned to the Pro Tour screen, I got a message saying that I had abandoned the last race and my score would be deducted by -7 points. I have screenshots and the PS4 crash report to prove.

Since it’s painfully difficult to get a match, having to wait for several minutes most of the time, how fair is to have my score subtracted by 7 points due to a game failure/bug?

Please let me know if there is something to do. Preferably I’d like to have my score fixed.

My PSN Id is rodrigosantosit.

Thank you.


  • 88stix8888stix88 Member New Car Smell
    I have phoned Codemasters about this problem and get a very negative response, also when you can’t get a match for over 2 weeks they demote you a division not just a tier which really winds me up. Because it takes a lot of time and effort working your way up.
    I have asked them to put the pro league in with the multiplayer mode so people can see that somebody is waiting to use pro league.
  • RodrigoFirstRodrigoFirst Member New Car Smell
    Unbelievable! It’s so hard to get a match and when you finally find one this happens. Should I wait for an answer from Codemasters?
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