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F1 2017 will become F1 2018.

What I can strongly see Codemasters doing this year is basically copying F1 2017 over to 2018, but with new cars, liveries, drivers etc, but hopefully with all the issues fixed. For example, same HUD, menu, career (which needs to be fixed), and championship mode. Much like they did with 2013 into 2014, but that just made it worse in this case, but I think they have learned from this and know what to do in order for it to be better. 

Hopefully rather than Codemasters just spending time drawing out tracks and starting the game from complete scratch and that sort of thing, they can really focus on safety car, online, and other glitches, which was a mess in 2017. I personally feel this is where Codemasters go wrong. They work so hard on the smaller details such as an odd tree or designing the kerb on a corner, that they don't really get as much time working on the career, safety car and online. If they basically took 2017, there would only need to be the French Grand Prix that would need to be designed and the other tracks are pretty much sorted.

Anyways, that just my predictions but we'll see what happens in due course.


  • CavSTiagoCavSTiago Member Race Steward
    Same HUD? I don't believe, at same the FOM will change HUD broadcast, and if Codemasters no get this evolution, I really don't know what will be of this game...
  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    ...Don't they do that every year anyways?
  • tarrantinotarrantino Member Co-Driver
    No issues don't get fixed.                    
  • speeddemon8021speeddemon8021 Member Team Principal
    UP100 said:
    ...Don't they do that every year anyways?
    Or is it just the bugs they copy and paste!?
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