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[CAR & TRACKS] bring new DLC with more tracks reusing Dirt 4 assets

GuegangsterGuegangster Member New Car Smell
As a PSVR owner, playing on TV is no option for me. So as long as Dirt 4 has no PSVR support, I am staying on Dirt Rally (which I love anyway.)
I would gladly pay for new tracks. Since Dirt Rally already has support for different surfaces, it should be possible to port some tracks from Dirt 4 to Dirt Rally.
Talking about tracks, mixing surfaces (like having a mix of tarmac and gravel) is great fun. More of those please! (I love Monte-Carlo for the mix of ice and asphalt.)

On a side note, why not use some crow-founding system to finance DLC like tracks. That way you would know whether something would be financially feasable. You could use this for DLC but also features (like adding VR support to Dirt 4 (please do, I would love to buy the game!))

[CAR & TRACKS] bring new DLC with more tracks reusing Dirt 4 assets 6 votes

Yes, I'd love to buy track DLC
Madhun1967Smithers1968GuegangsterSeñorDogmeatPKDNeXuSGHOST83640 6 votes
No, don't care for tracks


  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    What would be the candidate extra tracks ? We already have snowy Sweden, icy Monte-Carlo, dirty Greece, muddy Wales, flat and cornered Germany, bouncing Finland; what else are you expecting in terms of surface(s) and/or weather(s) combinations ?
    From what I read so far, I guess that developping a track for Dirt Rally is much more work than a track for Dirt 4, or am I wrong ? (I did not played Dirt 4...)
    In my view such a DLC could only count 2 or 3 extra countries/events, quality should remain above quantity. 
    Perhaps it could be the opportunity to develop the idea of some extra Dakar tracks, for instance one event in dry sandy and dirty North-Africa, and one in South-America on mountain crests and downhills (of course yet still on closed tracks...).  Or it could lead us to discover new and less known areas, but let think about the consequences in real life too...
    What's your idea about it ?
  • GuegangsterGuegangster Member New Car Smell
    Yes, I'd love to buy track DLC
    Well, I really thought they could bring the Dirt4 tracks. Mexico, Australia...

    I think adding new type of surfaces would be more work, and I can't see what to add.

    I'd love to see mixed tracks though. Mix of asphalt and dirt or gravel. Also more asphalt tracks, faster ones...
  • GuegangsterGuegangster Member New Car Smell
    Yes, I'd love to buy track DLC
    On a side note, any event of the WRC (present and past) could be added. Corsica, Italy and Spain would make nice additions. But I am sure it would be quite feasable to add Dirt 4 tracks.

    I don't think Dakar style races is a good fit because those are orientation races so different game altogether. Rally raid is not suited to rally game. It would be a completely different kind of game...

    And kudos to the developper. They made a fantastic game, I would just love for them to add more content and yould gladly pay full price again to have another 6 rally tracks. This game with with a proper wheel and VR is just amazing!
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