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Changes for F1 2018 and SLIPSTREAM Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for coming along here today. In this post I would like to ask your thoughts about F1 2017 and the changes you would make for F1 2018. 
In the linked video down below, I show you the highlights of AOR Split 1 PC race in Britain with Sven, Brendon, Fabracer, Hamilton, Topaa, and a lot more guys from F1 eSport including me! :) I speak about the slipstream effect as well, and I am really waiting for your thoughts! 


  • JP072JP072 Member Petrol Head
    I completly agree on the slipstream effect.
    it seems like when your racing in career/gp mode that it’s okay really.
    but for the equal car it’s just bad the way it is now.
    the dirty air effect is nice, but slipstream needs a little + tweak for equal cars.
    its just not right if your 4/5 tenths behind someone and you get a better exit before the straight where drs is and you still cant pass the car in front.
    it just doesnt make sence.

    last friday i had my league race (also e-sporters there) we where on Monza and there where groups of 5 cars on the straights who couldnt pass eachother, it looks strange and that cant end well;)

  • speeddemon8021speeddemon8021 Member Team Principal
    As regards slipstream I know everyone wants reality but this is still a video game and needs to be fun too so the slipstream needs to be upped without taking away the dirty air effect too much as in F1 2013 which was about spot on for me all be it in a different era of engines.
  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    The slipstream is basically perfect for me. I witnessed 10 laps of dueling between two drivers in a league race and with DRS they were able to get on the side of their opponent and try to get past. With better slipstream I would have not had that much fun. Also let me add that both drivers were as quick as each other.
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