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Fanatec CSL/XBox/VR Problem

sokittoya76 Member New Car Smell
Hi There,

Could you please look at the wheel support for the Fanatec CSL wheel base with X Box one wheel. Other wheels are having the same issue where not all the menu icons are represented in the controls config. I have tried to alter them myself using the wheels registry settings and adding more keys but then I get locked out of Racenet for altering system files.
Every time I restart the game I have to re bind my controls as the game does not register the wheel as it does not have a dedicated input .xml. Extremely time consuming and frustrating and for a game that is still getting support should not happen, especially when I see so many others having similar issues.
It is impossible to play in VR when you constantly have to remove the headset to check for the keyboard. The pause button seems to cause issues from reading forums though I feel the issue lies deeper. Pleas please please can you guys fix this! I have pumped over 130hrs into this game and it is my all time fav. Took me ages to get good at it and I would hate for such an amazing game to be spoiled by such a simple fix.

Would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time D

AMD [email protected]/EVGA GTX 1060 FTW/16gb RAM/OS - Win 10/Turtle Beach X11/360pad                                 View - Front Bumper Cam/No Assists

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