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2018 ABB Formula E Marrakesh eprix

With formula e growing in its fan base, I wanted to start a thread talking about the most recent race at Marrakesh where you can post your opinions. For me, I enjoyed the race, there was a lot of overtakes, but sometimes they went wrong *cough*Abt*cough*. Also, what were the stewards doing with the fcy?
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  • MBKF1MBKF1 Member Moderator
    Really enjoyed the race yesterday, some good racing throughout the pack. It was just boiling up, you could tell Rosenqvist was gonna make a move at some point, and when he did it was perfect!

    I think it's such a shame Rosenqvist never made it to F1. He's got such a brilliant F3 record, multiple Macau winner. If Sauber's backers want to support a Swedish driver, it should be him rather than Ericsson.
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  • UP100UP100 Member Race Engineer
    Honestly I paid way too much attention to the UI. Sure it's better than before, but I don't understand why the onboard overlay makes the actual video footage so dark and then have so much data close to the center of the screen instead of having it in the side.

    The overtaking animation in the UI is way too complicated in my opinion. The overtaking driver disappears, the driver who was overtaken goes one spot down and then the overtaking driver comes back to the UI in the new spot. When many people overtake it just seems confusing.

    Also the UI which showed the gap "visually" was a good idea, but when I first saw it I thought the UI broke...

    Also UI glitches. Yellow flags + 45 second pit minimum limit boxes overlapped each other and after that in a replay the yellow flag box had half of it left in the screen.

    Nothing to complain about the racing, only UI... Yeah...
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