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Race driver GRID annoying wheelspin

KaczmorekKaczmorek Member New Car Smell
So I wanted to play GRID again, and I get wheelspin on start line in first race, Viper just stands in place for like 3-5 seconds and even after it starts to move, it's very hard to controll it, also it's very easy to get into uncontrolled spin in the middle of the race (little use of a handbrake and car makes 360s like COD player), is there any way to reduce this? I have all assists off except braking assist, I don't want to turn traction controll on because it makes the game too easy


  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    Get a wheel or a controller with which you can modulate the throttle. If you're using a keyboard, then what did you expect, you have either 0% or 100% throttle, not much you can do about it (apart from turning the traction control back on)
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  • RubyRubyRubyRuby Member Wheel Nut
    This is an old topic, but maybe this will help some new players -- GRID is ten years old and still attracting new players!

    If you have issues like the OP's, experiment with the Advanced settings at Main Menu>Options>Driving Options>Advanced.  Clicking the Shift key at any particular setting displays a brief synopsis of that setting's effects.  For instance I having been using Steering Deadzone, Saturation and Linearity settings at 20%, 100% and 4, for years.  But your PC and your controller and driving style may work better at settings entirely different.  For example one GRID fan swears by settings at 50%, 90% and 6.  Contrary to sporadic comments from misinformed wheel players, playing with a keyboard does not mean loss of throttle control.  Experiment with the advanced settings and you can see for yourself the outlines of throttle control. You may find that practice and trial and error work wonders for you.  Tap the gas pedal with a finger instead of your toes.  And keep in mind that high powered light cars will break traction easily, because that's how many of them respond in real life.  I'm not saying that keyboard is better, just that you should never be put off a game because you don't have a wheel and pedals.  Practice.

    My comments are based on my own experience with the none-Steam game from the retail DVD and a keyboard.  Keyboard is the only controller I use and GRID is the most keyboard friendly racing game I own.  I'm strictly single player, mostly career player - and still play GRID regularly.
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