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TSW Evolution Digital Wheel, Buttons Not Recognized

TSW = Thomas Super Wheel for PC (270 degrees rotation, no Force Feedback).

I'm able to set up and calibrate this wheel and pedals in Dirt Rally.  However, my buttons are not recognized by the interface.
Note that in my Windows 10/Game Controller settings, my buttons are seen as 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16.  I cannot redefine those.
In "Advanced Wheel Options",  the buttons only go up to 8.
Consequently, I cannot manually shift.

Also, I am unable to tone down the sensitivity with any combination of the calibration parameters.
This is likely due to the limited rotation of my wheel. However, in all other simulations, I have no such issues.

Everything else works as advertised, but with the steering like it is, it's unplayable.
Maybe you can recommend setting that will work for this wheel?

Thanks for your attention.
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