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How to I re-redeem a code on new xbox?


My son has a new xbox one and upon installing Dirt 4 again it syncs his save game but says it cannot sync the Hyundai WRC Car as it was a code that was redeemed on his 1st Xbox.  I have tried redeeming the code again for him but it tells me it has already been redeemed so how can this be worked around?  I am guessing he will have this problem for all his codes for all his games?

Many Thanks


  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Petrol Head
    On the Xbox One Home, go to System - Storage - Manage Storage and there will be a Ready To Install option that shows all of the content you have available to install on that account, there DLC will be there.  The code will always read as invalid as you have it installed.
  • IamReaperIamReaper Member New Car Smell

    Many thanks for your reply, unfortunately this does not work for me? in the Ready to install section I can see my online purchases and other games but there is nothing for Dirt 4? I tried starting Dirt 4 again and the options I have are

    1, Cancel 
    2, Remove content and continue
    3, Create a new save

    It says the profile save requires content that is not available : Hyundai R5 Rally Car

    Thanks again, hope you can help!
  • CMMcBabeCMMcBabe Member, Codemasters Petrol Head
    Have you set the new Xbox One as your primary console?

    If you have, log in to https://xbox.com with the account that redeemed the DLC and go here:

    You will have the option to download it.
  • IamReaperIamReaper Member New Car Smell
    Thank you so much! that did it, I really could not find that information (because I wasn't searching with the correct keywords maybe?)

    Thanks Again!
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