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Dirt 4 g920 goes to 100% brake - SOLUTION

hminkyhminky Member New Car Smell
Go into calibration and all the pedals work correctly, leave to the input window and the brake is at 100%.
Works in every other game, firmware is up to date.
Have done everything suggested on the net, reinstalled, tweaked the .xml, etc. still doesn't work.
Wheel not in combined pedals mode.
Tried my old DrivingForceGT and got the same results on the brake, goes to 100%.
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  • hminkyhminky Member New Car Smell
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    Use this xbox emulator


    Rename the xinput1_3.dll to xinput9_1_0.dll in the Dirt 4 directory.

    In the emulator binding for the brake change the direction by pressing the brake fully and releasing.

    Found this after spending $6 for Grid 2, a truly awful game, but since it fixes the problem in Dirt 4 that was six bucks well spent.

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  • hminkyhminky Member New Car Smell
    After further review the g920 can be selected in the device menu and the g920 functions after adding the Xbox emulator.
    Everything works.
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