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Dirt Rally - Texture and reflections probs on Xbox One S

Hi everyone!

I want to discuss some problems that interrupt my Dirt Rally driving experience. 
The first prob is with the textures, to be exact they are flickering/flashing on some stages - almost all stages of Rally Monte Carlo and The Pikes Peak Hillclimb.
It's happening every time I drive on those stages, which is a pity considering the nice driving feel with the wheel.

Second problem encountered, is a reflection problem in the cockpit - in particular when I drive the old Mini Cooper.
Parts of the dashboard suddently turn black, with bright colorful, thin lines. I have noticed this is happening when the sun is shining from the back.
This happens almost as often, as the other prob.

Any ideas, fixes?

Thanks in advance

PS. It's still the best rally sim since RBR


  • DidzisDidzis Member Team Principal
    edited January 2018
    That sounds similar to what was happening in early access days on PC. It was AMD graphics related (Xbox also has AMD hardware, right?) and the problem slowly gone away with updates and new drivers. Not sure what to do on an Xbox though. Have you tried reinstalling the game?

    Btw, this is looked on PC, also sometimes the textures were black instead of transparent

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