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F1 Drivers are.....

LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Petrol Head
.....to be seen as bloodthirsty Gladiators that are in for the risk of dying or as athletic sportsmen that are in for the thrill of racing?

Many people on social media seem to have the following in mind:



Additional questions:

1. What is your opinion on driver safety and racing in general?

2. Do you think that the FIA is going into the right direction?

3. Do you support the thought of a fully enclosed canopy for the cockpit like seen on the McLaren MPX?

4. What is your alternative solution if you do not agree with the new regs?

F1 Drivers are..... 20 votes

Gladiators. (If there is no risk of dying, there is no reason to watch F1)
LuigiPeceguini 1 vote
Sportsmen. (If there is no thrill of racing, there is no reason to watch F1)
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I don't know. (I'm only watching F1 for the spectacle)
My alternative opinion is..... (INSERT YOUR OPINION IN HERE)
baconbrawlerUberGP 2 votes
Take the "Black Pill".....



  • haydn23haydn23 Member Team Principal
    Sportsmen. (If there is no thrill of racing, there is no reason to watch F1)
    I think people seem to forget, it is terrifying enough driving at those speeds. How safe the car is, does not effect the sense of speed and so on. They are still what they used to be, just alot safer now. And when they crash, does it still hurt? Well ofcourse **** yes it hurts.
    It's just now a driver won't be killed by a crash and a major talent won't be lost. I still remain with the point that the halo would not have saved any lives in formula 1 atleast in the least 25 years. It's debatable whether the halo would have stood up to a tractor for bianchi's life, however I very much doubt it if you look at the way it just ripped off the who top half of that car.

    1) There is no reason for racing not to be as safe as possible, it shows modernisation, and improvement/development within the sport.
    2) Ermm no not really. They seems to be removing the key aspects of the sport that built it up to be what it is at today. Say the things that made it an attractive sport, like the sound, and the action and the unexpected aspect of it. Now we turn up to a weekend knowing who is going to win, with little overtaking and we sit there watching cars drive around making a fair un-exciting noise. This is also more personal preference but these cars have too much torque. It's not even fun tp ride on board with a driver it looks like they're driving soo slowly cause they have to drive soo smoothly to be as fast as possible. 
    3) I do, I don't personally support the halo, as it's very rushed as u can tell. They need to spend more time properly developing these devices, and imo make them fit in and be aesthetically pleasing. Like they brought this in without even trying stuff like putting position displays and stuff inside the halo.
    4) Fully enclosed, say fighter jet like. Halo seems like a half-arsed solution. Maybe even the canopy I didn't mind the canopy.

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  • baconbrawlerbaconbrawler Member Unleaded
    My alternative opinion is..... (INSERT YOUR OPINION IN HERE)
    They are both things but no one should have to die in a race car. However, I feel that the halo isn’t really the right option. The main thing it will protect against is large objects, mainly tyres but if there are tyre tethers, why is that an issue. It is not going to save them if they crash into a tractor head first, it is a very small bar so springs and other small objects can easily fly through, it increases evacuation time and creates blind spots for the drivers.

    The main thing it would prevent is accidents like surtees but that was in lower formulas with no tyre tethers.
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  • Jaden728Jaden728 Member Wheel Nut
    Sportsmen. (If there is no thrill of racing, there is no reason to watch F1)
    1 - Its something that needs to be constantly pursued, these talented drivers are someones child, their safety is more important than anything. 
    2 - In some areas yes, in some not so much. To stick on the topic of the halo, they are. However they're making the path more bumpy and rugged than it has to be. They only discussed the halo for maybe a year, and the shield, they barely gave it more than a glance and a few test laps. They got the design right with Formula E, but even then, they really should take the time to look into the best way to implement protection, rather than act so impulsive like theyve been recently.
    3 - Yes, its not a train id love to just jump onto so quickly though.
    4 -  Not that i'm fully against their decision, but wait off on the implementation, they need to give themselves more options to consider. If they really couldn't come to a better solution in giving time for research, then the halo would suffice, that or losing the category of open cockpit racing. 
  • RhinoCharging00RhinoCharging00 Member Co-Driver
    edited February 2018
    They certainly were "gladiators", dicing wheel to wheel in 180 mph petrol bombs while wearing dress shirts and a cloth cap.

    Even through the 70s, 80s, and up to the mid 90s, it was still an exotic, daring feat of courage and skill, with brave drivers risking their lives every lap...and in many cases the spectators were at risk too.

    But after that awful weekend at Imola, where it seemed like some malevolent spirit had determined to sow horror and fear through the teams and drivers, as if the track itself was a wild beast that could not be tamed, with Ruebens being very lucky, then Ratzenburger and Senna dying, something (had to be?) changed.

    While the 2000s still had very fast cars and great drivers, it felt like you had to be very, very unfortunate to lose your life in f1...though IndyCar remained, and still does, a life or death battle in many cases.

    F1 became sterile, because it was the risk, the daring do, the sheer insane courage, that made the sport so engaging and alluring, and made the drivers seem life dogfighting gladiators engaged in thrilling combat.

    With that risk gone, as much as it feels stupid to argue for drivers to die while racing for it to be entertaining, it isn't the same sport with no risk.

    Unless f1 takes a radical course of action, and soon, that sees super hero drivers racing a new breed of ridiculously quick "hyper f1 cars", akin to the Red Bull prototype in GT6 (I believe it was GT6?), or the insane single seater concepts seen in other games, and do so in a context that sees wheel to wheel racing lap after lap, throughout the field, that isn't aided by gimmicks like DRS, and hampered by tyre preservation and fuel saving, but brought about by the sheer insane courage and technical skills of the driver and the design and power of the cars to allow proper racing, then I see f1 at best stagnating and being "just f1" or worse becoming a meaningless brand, barely a sport, that stands only for the corporate greed of big car companies and prima Donna drivers, many of whom got their drives through financial backers at the expense of better drivers (without nationalised oil or media companies funding their ride) wrapped in cotton wool living in a bubble.

    I think f1 should be the most absurdly quick, advanced, exciting, colourful and intoxicating (motor) sport on earth, that inspires generations of kids to want the privilege of racing 4 wheeled beasts right on the limit, and not the play it safe, by the numbers  buy your seat with state sponsored oil money, boring procession, it has felt like for a long time.

    Any sport that realistically only ever has one or two winners every single time, better have those two entities create drama and a fascination that has fans drooling in anticipation for every event.

    Anyone feel that way about Mercedes vs Ferrari this past 3 or 4 years?

    Or rather, Hamilton vs Rosberg those last few years?

    This year will likely no different.

    Same old same old .

  • UberGPUberGP Member New Car Smell
    My alternative opinion is..... (INSERT YOUR OPINION IN HERE)
    f1 driver's are athletes as f1 is a sport and drivers train 5 days aweek making them athletes! 
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