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TS-PC Racer wheel not recognised


is there any way to play Dirt Rally with TS-PC Racer wheel without being forced to use keyboard for some menu things (e.g. change livery), and without having to use mouse for clicking "Press enter or any key" on start screen?

I have latest version of firmware on the wheel (Windows 10), I can create setup ingame manually, but I have to set keyboard "ESC" as an pause button, and use mouse on start screen. Then wheel works. But it's a bit silly, and I have a friend who tested TS-PC Racer and it worked, but we did not find out how to set it on my pc..

Can you help?
Maybe can you deploy some patch so new wheels will be naturally supported?

Thank you so much,



  • KBMANKBMAN Member New Car Smell
    I'm in the same boat!  I heard (online) that you can replace the TS-PC Racer driver info, and copy/paste the TX500 profile into the TS-PC Racer Driver Folder, then it works...I do not know the details of this though, and I need to get mine 'recognized' by Dirt Rally (PC) as well!
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