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Treat ‘Em Mean Keep ‘Em Keen | Codemasters Blog

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imageTreat ‘Em Mean Keep ‘Em Keen | Codemasters Blog

Hello, folks! Long time no blog!

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  • DekoWolfDekoWolf Member New Car Smell
    Nice blog post Aaron! You've absolutely nailed to keep the excitement high right from the first sentence. Can't wait for more information soon! :D
  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion
    edited January 30

    CodiesBlogBot said:
    Hello, folks! Long time no blog! ...I know we haven’t given you any news of late... pre-orders are now LIVE!

    LOL. Typical.

    *Disclaimer: my comments are only my own musings, not 
    'stating opinions as facts' or 'speaking for others.'
    #NeverPreOrder. It's preposterous that consumers have to beg game companies to simply make games that reliably function properly. Consumers don't buy video games to waste their recreational time doing a tester's work. It's nonsense to imply game companies have no obligation to deliver games that reliably function properly at launch just because "it's not easy & nothing is perfect & you can't please everybody." A game's "success" is measured by how much it sells, not by how much it's played & enjoyed. They listen to money more than requests & complaints. They'll continue selling whatever we continue buying. What we put up with, we end up with. #VoteWithYourWallet

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