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Huge Problem with setup

zocker175zocker175 Member New Car Smell
somehow i’ve got a problem where my setup is changing while I’m driving. I’ve realized that when I was doing time trial and on some straights my delta was staying the same and on other straights I was losing heaps of time even tho I had an superb exit and was actually gaining time at the beginning of the street. It’s becoming a huge problem now because i’m not able to meet the goals in career mode or pass the practice prorgams. The thing is, sometimes I feel like i’m running my custom setup and 10 seconds later, not having changed anything, i’m losing time on the straight or having issues with braking due to what I think, running a different setup. 
I’m on the PS4 and I’m having this problem for a approximately 2 weeks now.
I’d really appreciate any help because this glitch makes the game pretty much unplayable.
Thanks for your help,


  • UberGPUberGP Member New Car Smell
    edited February 1
    I have experienced this aswell on xb1 from my experience the glitch happens randomly. time trail car acceleration feels slower when you hit restart the lap or change track weather conditions at pause menu. i normally backout of session to main menu to restart or change track.

  • zocker175zocker175 Member New Car Smell
    It’s happening in career mode and online lobbies as well, any idea how to fix it ? Really ruins the game 
  • UberGPUberGP Member New Car Smell
    Not sure my friend but im having similar problem i noticed when im trying to beat my friends in a no assist league and time trial time. ones who run with wheels.. i lose tone of time on exits of corners with same car and setup even tho i take corner faster and I'm on power 100% before exit of corner they still pull away from me by end of lap they are 0.800tenths ahead. i even have two new controllers and i have already checked calberation settings. maybe bug or inbuilt pad assist has been nerfed! but its killing fun out of game for me I'm starting to think this games waste of my time because i don't have wheel.. I'm not planning getting 1.    
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