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ONRUSH: FAQs | Codemasters Blog

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imageONRUSH: FAQs | Codemasters Blog

Hello again!

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  • SJuJu1SJuJu1 Member New Car Smell
    edited January 31
    Hello Codemasters! Is there any possible chance of On Rush ever getting PlayStation VR support? I know it’s not easy but you guys had so much success with Dirt Rally this game would be revolutionary!
  • OdiferousOdiferous Member New Car Smell
    edited February 1
    PC Player checking in! Hi, looks great! Please don't hide GBs of race replay data in users/#)$(*#/appdata/.... yada yada thanks again ;)
  • RokoqcRokoqc Member New Car Smell
    No split-screen is a mistake guys, will support and buy the game post launch if you add the mode later on :(
  • OmegazorOmegazor Member New Car Smell
    The sense of speed is a bit lacking. PLEASE FOCUS ON THIS It is a major selling point. believe me and the community want this game. but sense of speed is a priotity in every racing game. Looks dope! Good luck with the development <3
  • DraxonflyDraxonfly Member New Car Smell
    Would love to get this game, but the no split-screen on the ps4 means it will be a no buy from me.
    Sad :(
    Online mp is not what i like. Sitting at home on the couch with ya mates/family split-sreen racing with/against the ai is what racing games need.
    Ps3 had heaps, ps4 has nothing great, could of been something awesome here... sad ..
  • NickGBearNickGBear Member New Car Smell
    Split screen would be the only way I'd let ny son buy it. Gameplay looks interesting tho
  • SkorpionX5603SkorpionX5603 Member New Car Smell
    Do you think you could ever implement split screen because if you do I will pick it up immediately!
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