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imageONRUSH: FAQs | Codemasters Blog

Hello again!

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  • SJuJu1SJuJu1 Member New Car Smell
    edited January 31
    Hello Codemasters! Is there any possible chance of On Rush ever getting PlayStation VR support? I know it’s not easy but you guys had so much success with Dirt Rally this game would be revolutionary!
  • OdiferousOdiferous Member New Car Smell
    edited February 1
    PC Player checking in! Hi, looks great! Please don't hide GBs of race replay data in users/#)$(*#/appdata/.... yada yada thanks again ;)
  • RokoqcRokoqc Member New Car Smell
    No split-screen is a mistake guys, will support and buy the game post launch if you add the mode later on :(
  • OmegazorOmegazor Member New Car Smell
    The sense of speed is a bit lacking. PLEASE FOCUS ON THIS It is a major selling point. believe me and the community want this game. but sense of speed is a priotity in every racing game. Looks dope! Good luck with the development <3
  • DraxonflyDraxonfly Member New Car Smell
    Would love to get this game, but the no split-screen on the ps4 means it will be a no buy from me.
    Sad :(
    Online mp is not what i like. Sitting at home on the couch with ya mates/family split-sreen racing with/against the ai is what racing games need.
    Ps3 had heaps, ps4 has nothing great, could of been something awesome here... sad ..
  • NickGBearNickGBear Member New Car Smell
    Split screen would be the only way I'd let ny son buy it. Gameplay looks interesting tho
  • SkorpionX5603SkorpionX5603 Member New Car Smell
    Do you think you could ever implement split screen because if you do I will pick it up immediately!
  • Paul2018Paul2018 Member New Car Smell
    I remember when this was all but bmx simulator :)
  • beliocbelioc Member New Car Smell
    I know this is probably the thing you hear most often, but it seems like implementing split screen local multiplayer should be a top priority. This would be a contender for game of the year for me if it were included, but with online only I’m afraid I’ll only play until I’ve finished the campaign and then set it aside for good.
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