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Dirt 4 Thoughts on DLC and Michigan (PS4)

I loved Dirt Rally. Asides from the slightly-floaty handling and the sometimes bland ‘tree corridor’ stages it was great. Time went on however and lack of content at launch become an issue. This was a 75% sized, £50 game crying out for one or two added stages for money’s worth variation. I held on and on but new-stage DLC never came...... And onto Dirt 4. Handling was improved (for goodness sake moaners, up the control sensitivities, reduce the saturation, linearity and deadzones and this game is beautifully difficult!) and the procedurally generated stages are envelope-pushing genius - a personal viewpoint maybe but Sweden’s random stages can have more about them than Dirt Rally’s ever had. However....... we still have the same problem as Dirt Rally in that this feels like a game that only has 75% content. I read somewhere one of the Devs insisting that in view of the new random stage system 5 locations was pretty good, and to a point I agree except for the one glaring issue I have with the game - Michigan. These have to be the blandest, most uninspiring stages ever to grace a driving game. I’ve tried and tried to generate something semi-memorable with no joy. All I get is mile upon mile of flat(ish) tree-lined sections  that conjure up little enthusiasm and less challenge. Surely the Devs who designed Sweden and Australia, if they were being honest, can’t be proud of their efforts on Michigan. It’s like a ‘That’ll do, half-job, ‘filler’ set of stages that simply don’t cut the mustard, and when you take into consideration the relative deficiencies of ‘Brown Trees’ (as I’ve renamed it) we’re really only left with 4 decent locations - not enough by a long shot for a full priced Triple-A title. EITHER...... Michigan is patched and supplemented with more interesting landmarks to make it more distinctive or we (not unreasonably) get another location in the form of DLC which I’d be delighted to pay for. Preferably both. I love Dirt 4 and think it’s been unfairly criticised for its alleged ease of play (it’s not, with the right settings) but I urge Codemasters to look at those horrible USA stages and supplement the game with another ‘loose surface’ location (Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand?... anywhere) and maybe add a few roadside reference points to old ‘ Brown Trees’. I know gamers have a habit of sounding unreasonably entitled when it comes to our favourite games but surely consistent quality and a bit of value for money is not too much to ask for.


  • cjr3559cjr3559 Member New Car Smell
    This could be the inspiration behind having Michigan as a rally location in D4.



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  • SamRWDSamRWD Member Race Engineer
    Linear 0% saturation settings are what game should feel most natural with. If I need to tweak that to make game more difficult, then it's wrong. It's like making mario carts more difficult by increasing  "the control sensitivities, reduce the saturation, linearity and deadzones". Totally bizzare idea. And most certainly not "beautifully difficult", just akward difficult if anything.

    Michigan has arguably the widest roads, that's what makes it least challenging, however on MP everyone is driving the same road and so you have to compete with other anyways, I'd say to some degree it makes it even more challenging because less % of people will DNF and so just driving safe won't benefit you that much. I don't really care TBH. I think devs should be proud of Michigan to the same degree as with other locations. Comparing D4 to other AAA games? Won't even get into that argument.

    DLC will be coming, New Zealand is the most likely location to arrive.

    Anyways- your post comes down to:

    1 Game is too easy, but you can make it difficult by increasing sensitivity (depending on the car it should not be more sensitive thane 540 degrees of wheel rotation to be realistic), readucing saturation (should be 100% linear 1:1 to be realistic). Suggestion to increase deadzones to make it more difficult is nothing but silly.

    2 Michigan is boring, which is an opinion of yours.
  • Santacruz68Santacruz68 Member New Car Smell
    Perhaps I should have clarified I don’t play on-line and I use a controller.

    Surely all these options are there though to make the game play in an enjoyable way that suits you? Therefor tweaking controller sensitivity is as valid as anything if it means I enjoy the game more. Racing games are at their best when you drive on the edge of control and if that’s what does it , well it’s not ‘silly’ it’s just my preference. Better that than surely than sticking with the ‘out the box’ settings that people are moaning about and are too lazy (or stubborn) to change. I’m in search of a good, fulfilling, challenging game for a single player and the way I have it set up delivers this in spades - Hats off to Codemasters for putting this flexibility in the game and not considering its inclusion as a ‘totally bizarre idea’. 

    i don’t think I’m alone in my views of Michigan either. Honestly there’s hardly a building to be seen, what buildings are there tend to be hidden beyond the trees barely in sight, and frankly mono-chrome water splashes don’t constitute variety. I stand by my assertion that Michigan is as awful as Varmland is great although SamRWD, I appreciate you’re possibly just easy pleased. 
  • carpacarpa Member Race Engineer
    cjr3559 said:
    This could be the inspiration behind having Michigan as a rally location in D4.



    Well I wouldn't call that a great inspiration, it was included in the WRC just once I think and it has never been nearly as iconic as other rallies we're missing. The only interesting thing about it is Toyota won their first World Rally there
    "I race to win, of course. But even before of winning, I race to race. As fast as possible"
    - Gilles Villeneuve
  • Madhun1967Madhun1967 Member Pit Crew
    I  assure you , Michigan is not all like that lmao .Only seems boring as its the tiles repeating.
  • Monkeyman707Monkeyman707 Member Unleaded
    I actually enjoy Michigan because it's so different to stages at other locations,  I like that the devs have deliberately created a unique feel to every rally. Of course more locations would be nice but we've been saying that since dirt rally so it seems the devs don't see value in it  :/
  • NOTORIOUShivNOTORIOUShiv Member New Car Smell
    Something about the physics/state of the game.
    I have non-toxic-fanboy intentions. Yes the default tuning makes the cars understeery af and feel like there is too much grip, resulting in a general frustration. But it's not that the physics of D4 are more arcade than DR's ,(but the tuning of cars). In fact the physics are indeed a step up and with cars having actual weight the game does encourage you to use specific techniques in order to get fast.There is a full guide on how to tune the cars properly but many haven't even try to test if it works and keep on hating the game. This video may help you with the tuning and proving that D4's physics are not in any way arcady.
    The physics are fine but a major issue of the game I believe it must be resolved is the track generator. It is indeed a great idea but we need more variety of turns.
    Here's the video :

    Keep up the good work CM!

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