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FORMULA EUROPE Champions League 2018 - Coming Soon! (PS4, No Assist)

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The Formula Europe Champions League is a Formula 1 competition open to the best PS4 leagues from all around the world.
The tournament is played on F1 2017 for PS4, and no assists are allowed.

Want to take part in the competition?
nterested TEAMS have to sign in using the registration thread available HERE until March 15 at 23.59 CET.

The tournament races (which will start not later than 21.05 CET) will take place roughly from April to June,
depending on the number of participants and the resulting competition format.

The tournament format will be defined after the expiry of the registration deadline,
in order to adapt it to the number of participants.

Keep in mind that:
  • FECL races will follow the real FIA rules about Track Limits. A driver is considered out of the track if he crosses the white borderline with all 4 wheels.
  • The race directors will always be able to decide on each corner cut or other kind of infractions.
  • After the race qualifying or race laps videos could be asked according to the tournament rules.
  • Every driver will be allowed to make claims for episodes occurred during the race.

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    Here is an updated (but still temporary) list of partecipant Teams! 

    1. Formula Motorsport Drivers (ITA)
    2. Campeonatothebestf1 (ESP)
    3. F1 Simu (FRA)
    4. F1 Race Championship (FRA)
    5. LigaF1PS4 (POL)
    6. TerritorioF1 (ARG)
    7. F1Nation (ITA)
    8. JIM Racing Team (ESP)
    9. Liga On line F1 (BRA)
    10. Formula Italian Team (ITA)
    11. F1 Spanish Team (ESP)
    12. F1 Poland Team (POL)
    13. F1 Legend Driver (ITA)
    14. Team Racestars (NED)
    15. Apex Online Racing (WORLDWIDE)
    16. CPL League (POL)
    There are 16 teams already, from 8 different countries all around the world! :)

    Remember, Teams have time to sign up until 15 march!

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    The partecipant Teams list grows with other two teams: Apex Online Racing and CPL League!

    At the moment there are 16 teams from 8 different countries! :) :) :)
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    Despite the high number of Teams already registered for the competition, it is still possible to take part in the tournament!
    There is still a month left before the deadline for registration for the third edition of the Formula Europe Champions League expires.

    All F1 PS4 Teams willing to compare themselves to other communities with respect and fairness are welcome!  :)

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