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Operation Flashpoint

Don't know about you guys but a need a new operation flashpoint in my life. With the success of Arma on PC and MOBA games on console I think the possible fanbase is expanding. The main issue for Operation Flashpoint has been that in dragon rising there was not customisation and in red river there was no competitive play.
I have raised this issue on the Arma Forums and I shall copy my post into this. I know Arma is not a codemasters game but seeing as flashpoint is. It is relevant.

Apologies if this is the wrong place but the game doesn't exist yet. I posted it in Bohemia Interactive General and it just got blow away by putlocker posts
Okay so I know I am going to take a lot of heat for my opinions due to the client base that bohemia already has but really this will make more money. 

Before I Explain I'm Going to Make Some Quick Points for Lazy Readers. 
[Pre-Edit] Return to Console, Character customisation (including: equipment, country, regiment, gender, race, face/body structure, makeup/warpaint/camo), Larger maps,  Modern day setting, zombies, player built structures
[Post-Edit with some stolen ideas] Voice commands for squad controls, More focus on Naval and Air battle, WW1/2 DLC.

Pre-Edit Detailed Explanation
Arma is a very inaccessible game for the vast majority of people. I for one prefer spending money on things to better my existence and i've not got £2000 to lay out on a computer which I am literally buying to play Arma. I have had a laptop that could manage Arma and I bought Arma 2 + all expansion pack then threw a hissy fit because it didn't have loadouts didn't play it then my brother broke my laptop. I am 21 years of age and I haven't got the time nor inclination to build PC and to be honest I'm going to be buying a console.

The thing is I pre-ordered OF:dragon rising and never stopped playing it on my xbox. I think your game ended because me and my mate obliterated everyone on the multiplayer for a very long time - soz. Me and him then Co-oped up for red river and saw the resurgence on Dragon rising before it ended again. I still speedrun missions on red river on my own but I'm level 20 everything and I have every gold medal. I just want a chance to show my godlike abilities again and enjoy me some Arma. I know the thing is "we have all these buttons for Arma it can't go console" do you need all said buttons really? a fair sacrifice for a game that will sell better I think. Also next gen consoles require you to download all you games but I'd suffer that, I'd even sync external hard-drives for this shiz.

I'm not even saying it has to be Arma because lets face it Bohemia you have messed up your universe anyway, you are no Valve on that front; I, for one, don't particularly care and I've loved you since day dot screw the new age hipster nerds. Things I want you to add though just being English, I like the SAS and my Military and I'm sure its the same in finland, Russia, Spain and America. As a minimum for Multiplayer let us have our own geezer (decent character customisation please want my guy to look like me or some buff soldier chick with wham breasts, tight bum, slim waist and makeup options) with our flags and gear and stuff on. (different search filters for country, regiment and manufacturer)  It's not to much to ask I don't think for you guys to do your research for the equipment of at least all members of the UN security council. I know you're thinking how can we involve all the countries? Cold war divide splitting the world in two without the individual countries losing their identity - and screw all this future warfare stuff, forget it happened. I want real vehicles and weapons.

Also zombies survival would be a cool addition for your multiplayer character loadouts with a construction element doesn't have to be anything fancy a halo forge type thing would work for me. Most importantly for me though. Skira Island needs to come back and you need to build more maps of that scale - soz. Even if skiras DLC and you make one new map I'm cool brah.

You need to appeal to a wider audience that means: Console gaming, Loadouts and simplification of controls. The reason that Dragon Rising died was purely loadouts. At the time of release you had the COD market but they returned to COD within hours of gametime over loadouts then told their friends not to get it.

Post-Edit Detailed Explanation 

So I have posted this thread once elsewhere but there were more points to add and I may touch on some stuff I already spoke about.
Voice Commands for Squad Controls: Obvious this one, let me say "team, engage rifleman", "Formation: wedge" "Team Move" or "requesting CAS" saves time and add emersion
Naval/Air battles: I know its about ground forces but most special forces are deployed via these methods and CAS has been phased out a bit and I don't like it.
WW1/2 DLC: This game is possibly the best one to do WW1 as battlefield did it wrong as for realism in my opinion. Trench warfare would be insane in this game and with my next point it would be made even better. WW2 would be simple but we all love a bit of WW2, even if it was just equipment would be cool.
Player built structures: I touched on it before using Halo Forge as an example, but imagine if we could build trenches and things, give it a minecraft element, maybe if it was like a toolkit item in your backpack that brought up like what you'd get bringing up a crafting table in minecraft and then you get like the halo forge placing thing but with time being consumed to place said wall/trench/tunnel.
Zombies: coming back to this I know DayZ and all that but if it was intergrated into one game even as DLC would be nice especially for console gaming

[Any future points I will just add on beneath here much like Post-Edit Detailed Explanation]

Please be mature in your responses avoid being butthurt a mans entitled to his opinion and bad spelling. 
Bohemia Devs if you want to clear anything up about my concept feel free to contact my email I know Devs don't taking advice though I don't mind.

Unsurprisingly this thread was met with the almighty resistance to the making of console games possessed by PC gamers. Many of them pointed out to me that Operation Flashpoint was a Codemasters game. So here I am re-posting this on a Codemasters forum in the hope a dev may read this and do something about it. Apologies for the lack of re-writing but I already wrote all of that already.

https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/214011-how-i-think-bohemia-should-move-forward/       <---- link to other thread


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    I'm afraid Codemasters said a few years ago that they won't be doing any more non-racing games.
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