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IA Pitstop Bug WET/DRY

Hello, ( Sorry in advance for my bad English, I use translate ) 

Since the last update, I noticed a rather annoying problem which wastes(spoils) all the running(race). During a running(race) which I made in Canada, the weather report had planned of the rain during the running(race), we left with soft tires because the weather was beautiful, when the rain began to fall, we had put the intermediate tires, except that THE IA, in every tour(tower,ballot) returned in the stand(pit) to put the same tires, at the end the running(race) I arrived first, obviously, that did not please me because I won because of a problem.

My next race with the rain it is to make in Belgium. We left with tires soft as to Canada, because dry weather. During the 18th tour we were forced to put the intermediate tires because he began to have of the rain there, I had hoped that there would be not the same problem as in Canada. In the end, same problem I was behind Hamilton, I put him more than a tour, because it returned 4 times in the stand, every tour to put intermediaries, several IA made the same thing, which completely wasted my race ....

Somebody had this problem. ?


  • F12korF12kor Member New Car Smell
    Codemasters works hard on a patch. Its name f1 2018. Sorry for my english too

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