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How not to get contracts from Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull?

Hello dear Forum Members,
I drove in F1 2017 career for over twelve seasons now and I improved the sauber realy much. But I only get contract offers by Mercedes, Ferrari and RedBull all the time. Its really annoying, because even if the interrest of these teams are much lower then the others, its still happening.

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  • WickedBasturdWickedBasturd Member Unleaded
    Accepted Answer
    Don't get too much rep with them.         


  • LionMohamed343LionMohamed343 Member New Car Smell
    edited February 14
    dont drive any practice 

    im too short.
    still short
  • FRACTUREDFRACTURED Member, Drivers Champion
    I thought it was a 10 season career? 

    You remember when you first came to my office? I asked you, "Do you want to be an eagle, or do you want to be a **** bird?" And you said "I want to be an eagle".
    You got to be what you say you're going to be, which you aren't.
    You got to do what you say you're going to do, which you haven't.
  • wildwolfwonwildwolfwon Member New Car Smell
    Thank you for all your answers,
    @WickedBasturd, im sorry im not english, can you explain what you mean with rep? ;)
  • wildwolfwonwildwolfwon Member New Car Smell
    Ok, so no practise and having a bad reputation, thank you all ;)
  • wildwolfwonwildwolfwon Member New Car Smell
    Ok i have some problems with executing these measurements. I cant realy make my reputation on these teams worse because i dont realy drive drive in that front field and only get to see them rarely. And theres also the thing that, last season, the 3 top teams had the worst reputation level of all teams, and they still mafe the offers
  • wildwolfwonwildwolfwon Member New Car Smell
    Probably :/ , last career I played was also 9 seasons long and i started at Red Bull, the slowest Teams I got into were Williams and Force India , nothing below :/
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