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A Codemasters Indycar game?

coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Race Engineer
would you like to see them make one?  I think they might be able to produce a better racing game outside of the restrictions of F1.  Imagine an indycar game with all the official teams/drivers/tracks. Plus ability to create your own driver/team, custom seasons, a feeder series like Indylights or USF2000, driver transfers, etc...Lets face it, the 2018 Indycar looks and sounds better than the 2018 f1 cars.  


  • Im2Fast4U9Im2Fast4U9 Member New Car Smell
    They should make an Indy Car game! No one wants to play an F1 game with a flip flop POV. The Indy Car game should consist of.... the museum's 500 winners,  the IR05, panoz g-force, and the DW-12  (2013-2018) with both road course and speedway kits. This is a great marketing idea that they have been ignoring for so long and they should really take advantage of it while they can . 
  • mceci1mceci1 Member Wheel Nut
    Come on Codemasters, this needs to be done
  • weqnweqn Member New Car Smell
    i remmember when i was a kid, i used to play some indy car game and i loved it , codmasters should really make some indycar game
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