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A Codemasters Indycar game?

coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Race Engineer
would you like to see them make one?  I think they might be able to produce a better racing game outside of the restrictions of F1.  Imagine an indycar game with all the official teams/drivers/tracks. Plus ability to create your own driver/team, custom seasons, a feeder series like Indylights or USF2000, driver transfers, etc...Lets face it, the 2018 Indycar looks and sounds better than the 2018 f1 cars.  


  • Im2Fast4U9Im2Fast4U9 Member New Car Smell
    They should make an Indy Car game! No one wants to play an F1 game with a flip flop POV. The Indy Car game should consist of.... the museum's 500 winners,  the IR05, panoz g-force, and the DW-12  (2013-2018) with both road course and speedway kits. This is a great marketing idea that they have been ignoring for so long and they should really take advantage of it while they can . 
  • mceci1mceci1 Member Pit Crew
    Come on Codemasters, this needs to be done
  • weqnweqn Member New Car Smell
    i remmember when i was a kid, i used to play some indy car game and i loved it , codmasters should really make some indycar game
  • DostieDostie Member New Car Smell
    I think they should, they can just tune the handling model from current F1 games and add the tracks, should be easy to do. On paper anyway. The problem is I don’t think they would sell enough copies to justify the investment. Unfortunately open wheel racing isn’t very popular in the U.S. I know very few people who watch Indy Car and I don’t know anyone who watches F1. I wish F1 would be as popular here as it is in Europe.
  • DPaton23DPaton23 Member Wheel Nut
    weqn said:
    i remmember when i was a kid, i used to play some indy car game and i loved it , codmasters should really make some indycar game
    Don't know how old you are, but was it this one?

    The Papyrus Indycar Racing is the first experience I ever had with sim racing. I think I was around 12 years old or so.  Never looked back!   B)
  • patronaspatronas Member Wheel Nut
    Since libery took over codies should be able to do more with the game as the have lifted the restrictions of every other aspect of the sport that bernie had restricted I dont see why f1 its self dont make the game surposed to be the best engineers in the world it would make an epic game if f1 did do it we might actualy get the game at the start of season in stead of back end 
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