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Dirt Rally (PC) does not recognize Thrustmaster TMX PRO


Dirt Rally (PC) does not recognize my wheel Thrustmaster TMX PRO Force Feedback. I installed the newest driver - 2017_TTRS_7. Dirt Rally does not recognize the device and does not respond to buttons. I can not assign control. How to fix it?

With other racing games (Assetto Corsa, F1 2017) Thrustmaster TMX PRO works perfectly.

I really hope for your help.
Thank you.


  • rocman13rocman13 Member New Car Smell
    I have seen this same problem again and again on Oculus, Steam, Reddit, and several bathroom walls now, why do they refuse to address it? Is this game still being supported? I know they are still taking peoples money for an incomplete product. Come on, it's not like Thrust Master is an unknown company! I bought this wheel because the game was all but unplayable for me, with an Xbox controller, and with the purchase of a $200.00 wheel its still unplayable. I know venting won't make these guys fix the software they already sold me, but it does make me feel a tiny bit better about getting ripped off! :wink:
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