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F1 2017 Ban appeal!

Hi codies,

I got banned for cheating for absolutely no reason. I installed the 2018 skins from racedepartments because I like them ALOT. And I was doing some testing in Timetrail and after that I decided I wanted to give it a go in online matchmaking to see how the skins look on the grid. But then the game said I got kicked for cheating. Im absolutely not a cheater at all, because im doing league races aswell. I have some evidence aswell. I'd like to see my account get unbanned and if needed ill remove the skins.

Kind regards Dobby!


Me getting banned while joining match:

Video2: My trying out the RB camo skin in TT:

Screenshots of the skins I used:


  • DobbyFreeElfDobbyFreeElf Member New Car Smell
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