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New features that should be implimented into F1 2018

F1 2017 was a fantastic racing game. But there is definitely some ironing out that need to take place to make it an excellent sports game. These features are as follows: 

- Better customisation of helmets and character faces. This would give more player choice allowing for a more immersive experience. 

-Helmet sponsor and label customisation. This would add another layer of customisation helping the immersion of the game

- Updated victory sequences. This would mean updating animation and look of the character model, making it look a lot more realistic

-Customisation of victory celebrations. This would allow for more immersion and would add another layer choice when customising your character. It would also make victories a more unique and worth it 

- Being able to make tough team decisions other than being a first or second driver. Such as confronted with the choice of Ferrari or Redbull. Staying at Red bull offering you first driver with a bit of development points and a choice of 4 major upgrades, 1 for each category  upgrades or leaving to Ferrari giving you second driver and offering a large amount of development points with only a small handful of pre fitted upgrades. This would make leaving a team a lot more impactful

-Making your winning of the drivers and constructors something more than a text box. This would give the player satisfaction and accomplishment after winning a championship. Adding in a massive dinner of some sort would add to it or an awards ceremony cutscene where you accept your trophy 

- a trophy case for all the races you have won. This would be a case either in your truck or at a house area where you’d be able to look at all the trophies you’ve accumulated from all the races you’ve won

Hopefully someone from codemasters will look at this and create their own ideas out of it. These features would be greatly appreciated :)

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