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Games crashes to desktop, can't continue my career


As wrote in title I'm stuck in SPA...whenever I load the save from career the game crashes to desktop after a few seconds...sometimes as soon I go out on the truck or even on the GP presentation...here's the link for the log error..thanx in advance!



  • AlastreAlastre Member New Car Smell

    Nobody can help? :( Really a shame can't go further with career...

  • MrGhostO1OMrGhostO1O Member Co-Driver
    Have you verified the integrity of the game files through steam?
    Steam Library > *Right Click* on "F1 2017" > Properties > Local Files > "Verify integrity of game files"

    If that does not help then try to reinstall the game. Make sure to check if your game saves the career on the cloud so that no progress is lost.
    In the Steam window, at the top left corner, click "Steam" > Settings > Cloud > Activate/Enable both settings in this tab by checking the boxes
    Then go back to your "F1 2017" properties like i told you above and instead of "Local Files" go to "Updates" and at the bottom there should be a setting that states "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for F1 2017". Enable that too.

    If a reinstallation does not help then you must wait for @F1Support to reply with possible solutions.
  • SteveHazSteveHaz Member New Car Smell
    Alastra Did you ever resolve this problem if so what did tou do as I have the same problem thanks
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