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PS4 March Dirt Rally League - "BIG SKY RALLY" - All Welcome, Todos Bienvenidos

firelarkfirelark Member New Car Smell
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Hi all,

I'm starting a one-event league, the Big Sky Rally, which will be open for play throughout all of March (link just below). This is to help drivers with busy work/life schedules (myself included) drive stages whenever possible and still complete the entire season.


The event will consist of 15 stages across four locations: Greece, Monte Carlo, Wales, and Finland. I chose all short-distance stages with the exception of SS15. Most of the conditions are fair weather with a few rain/snow and night rallies providing the balance. The cars are restricted to the 2000s and 2010s and if you're looking to compete in this season but don't yet own one of these vehicles, please let me know and I'll gladly remove that restriction if it means a larger roster.

Bring on the competition and let's have a great March rally!
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