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Visor Cam - Onboard with Hulkenberg in the 2018 Renault

DanHawk1nsDanHawk1ns Member, Codemasters admin
edited February 27 in World of Motorsport
A visor cam view of inside the cockpit, in the new 2018 Renault.

What do we think? 


  • onetwothreeonetwothree Member Team Principal
    Honestly I kinda like this view. Looks like you're flying a plane.
    ^^^^This comment will get me banned

  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Petrol Head
    edited February 28
    Short conclusion: Doesn't obstruct vision, gets its job done, is simply put just another new safety device that we will more or less get accustomed to as time passes.


    If you fellas at Codemasters have VR or a better Tobi or at least a much more realistic "look to apex" automatic head tilt function in petto for F1 2018, then i believe that even the most diehard "anti-halo" people out there won't have any more valid reasons to keep on cursing from the depths of hell, lel.

    On a 2d screen the view isn't as bad as some make it out to be, it just takes time to get used to.

    Load the Halo mod on any sim / game of your choice and try it out yourself, as long as you have the correct low FOV and low sitting position, your view will be absolutely fine, unless you aren't used to look out for the apex that is.....

    Take the "Black Pill".....

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