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Please make Overlord 3

Siman97Siman97 Member New Car Smell

I have played the original Overlord game aswell as Overlord 2, and I really enjoyed it, and I even play them to this day and I really wish Codemasters and Triumph games would make Overlord 3, or for my part sell the rights to another company that wants to expand the Overlord universe,  I know many loyal Overlord fans are dying to know what's next and are really looking forward to a prequel long overdue.
As many of you know, the fourth Overlord (the one you play in Overlord 2) died because of the shining and one of the netherghuls (from Fellowship of evil) is overlord now.. but the third Overlord (the one you play in the original Overlord game) is still trapped within the Infernal Abyss, Gnarl even mentions him a couple of times in Overlord 2 and Fellowship of evil... I for one really hope he can escape so we can play as him again.
I have send emails to Codemasters before but they are focusing on other games and thats why I need the help of all loyal Overlord fans to change their minds, so please give this discussion a lot of attention so we may see this story continue. 
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  • tolkachvtolkachv Member New Car Smell
    Hello. I'm an Overlord fan from Russia. 
     want to offer you a concept for the story and the mechanic for 3 parts Overlord.Which I'll tell you now.
    1. Our Lord died, leaving behind three sons, whom he did not name a successor .                             2. 2-3 years they live peacefully but quarrel because of blue boasting                                              3.we use that focus from Overlord: Fellowship of Evil about the resurrection of corpses and create a lord for the blue and animals for them we do not forget. For example, eagles.                   4. The heart of the tower was destroyed needed the new one needs to use the lord's heart from two parts it is a new source of power of young zlodeev.                                                               4.1. each OVERLORD your towers and the limit of 15 minions to add to the territories of the 3-5 mana stones, life .                                                                                                                              5. Since this happens in the Middle Ages, all four OVERLORD needs territories and castles.             6. and here we come to the main menu, the character must unite with 1 and 2 parts of anger, reign, anger for minions and in the tower it is allowed to enter only minions, reign to people, as in 2 parts, we have completely pinched empires and we can recruit people.           7. divide the story into 5 chapters conventionally , the first 3 dedicated to fighting the OVERLORD , 4 and 5 that the jester and glor 1 is the master who shared his soul in half , collecting energy from the death of the lords .                                                                                                8. developing this theme after the death of 3, 1 Lord, our Lord comes to the tower of heaven and summons 3 evil gods to challenge the gods of light .                                                   9 .Lord in which we play is automatically transferred there and falls into the lava . Comes out in stone armor.                                                                                                                                       10. and went to hell to absorb the power of the OVERLORD 1 part  , and runs 9 laps .at each transition we win your boss 9 defeat of the OVERLORD 1 part .                                                            11.  at the same time the OVERLORD defeats the gods of light and sits on a heavenly throne .                                                                                                                                                              12 . 3 the God of evil ,didn't get along and they need to destroy each of them sitting in their burrows and killing them .And conquer the sky.

  • Oscar97Oscar97 Member Pit Crew
    Codemasters is focusing on racing games now.
  • Vand3rzVand3rz Member New Car Smell
    Oscar97 said:
    Codemasters is focusing on racing games now.
    They have always focused on racing games. It doesn't mean they haven't or can't keep dipping their toes into the ever popular fantasy market. There aren't that many games out there designed around being "evil" so it's not like that particular aspect is over-saturated. A proper Overlord III would sell like hotcakes. The trick is not to create a horrible spinoff that disposes of almost everything that made the first two so popular like Fellowshit of Evil did. 
  • kickoskickos Member New Car Smell
    Please make overlord 3 please its the best game in the world i love this game but i want more minions in my horde size Why maximaal 50 ? When overlord 3 ever come s please make max horde 100 but i love every overlord game i am realy big fan please make a new one 
  • ChaosDKChaosDK Member New Car Smell
    I don't know what all ya'll have planned, but i have some ideas for a new overlord game. This one would be infinatly repayable and would progress slowly out of the middle ages to the modern age. Please contact if you would like to hear more.
  • Overlord1999SOverlord1999S Member New Car Smell
    Hey there!
    I am from germany and I love Overlord since I was little and play it for the first time.
    My brother and I have been waiting for a continuation for ages.
    I am quite sure that fans would love a continuation as well so it would be also easy to find a lot of donations from fans to support a third part.
    I really miss my dear Overlord :,) 
    The evil always finds a way!!!
  • JonathanCraftsJonathanCrafts Member New Car Smell
    I'd like to see if you make a overlord  similar to The Ark format I think that would do good you can  make minions evolve into new types I totally fictional things I'm all over the world two Rock game mythical or fictional does it really I think I it'll do good if you make a new one
  • LeWorstGamerEveLeWorstGamerEve Member New Car Smell
    Definitely need an overlord 3. Fellowship is meh, but overlord 1 & 2 were amazing.
  • McLovin1031McLovin1031 Member New Car Smell
    Why dont we make a petition or something for this? The Overlord series is amazing and we need another game, another 2 games lol. 
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