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Cars with Damaged Wings Not Pitting, Causes Unneeded VSC Status Every 3rd - 4th Lap.

Antonius2004Antonius2004 Member Unleaded
Just as the title suggests, I've noticed this glitch along with another where the AI refuse to change to wet tyres when the track is wet, ruining the races this glitch occurs within.

This glitch where the AI won't pit to receive a new front wing isn't as bad but , to me at least, appears as though it's cause is very similar, and, is also similar to a glitch which caused AI cars to pit up to 10 times, back in F1 2015.

These glitches only came about after Codemasters' implemented a final patch for both F1 2015 and F1 2017. For F1 2015 Codemasters refused to address the problem due to them putting man power into developing F1 2016.

Codemasters! You NEED to address these glitches within F1 2017 which you've created and, more-or-less, ruined 2017 with.


  • TonyHamTonyHam Member New Car Smell
    But they will not fix anything this game is a bug fest and the fact it was released unfinished is a travesty we should all be demanding a refund.
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