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Cannot save Grid 2 progress(fixed)

J3ssJ3ss Member New Car Smell
Hey guys/gals I bought Grid 2 the other day to play with a friend and have been enjoying the game until now. I played for over 2 hours, got my fans up opened up the WSR in Career mode. Logged out for a bit and came back and I have NO save file. Everything I worked for is now gone and it wants me to start over. I've tried to uncheck the storage cloud in Steam and still no saving at all.
I did take screenshots of my progress and a slight issue that has been happening since I bought the game.

This is what I get everytime I log back in and try to play:

But here is where I last screenshot my progress:

Not sure whats going on but Im not enjoying having to restart over and over again. :(

Edit: Finally got it fixed, uninstalled and verified about 10 times each and its working.
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