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F1 2018 Detailed ideas and wishes

F1 2018 Ideas:


1)     Career mode: Complete Young-Drivers-Test or a test drive in an 2013 spec-car at Valencia and earn a contract as a testdriver with Friday outings. Development work on Fridays with targets set by the teams.

2)     Career mode: concrete contract negotiations. Negotiate a concrete duration of your contract with a team, as salary, position, team order, new parts, release clause. Ask the teams by your own about a free position or instruct your agent to do so.

3)     Career mode: more management functions. Participate in which engine your team will run for next year (All teams except Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault), sponsoring on the cars, money for development of the car, headhunt engeneers from other teams, have a say about your teammate.

4)     Career mode: Driver transfer market. Take basic helmets of the current F1 drivers with no teamsponsors on it (private sponsors stay on the helmet) to put them in other teams because sponsors of each team can be adapted on the helmet. Bear in mind the position in the championship and the new teammate (F.e. Hamilton would never switch to Sauber). Churn reasons: Relegation to second driver in the team, obligation of an equal teammate, star designer leaving the team, other team offers higher salary.

5)     Integrate young talents in the game which are playable in the Career mode and Grand-Prix mode as well, f.e. Young-Drivers-Test, reserve driver, drivers from last season. Young Driver could replace an older driver like Raikkönen or Alonso after 5 years (because their contracts expires) in career mode.

6)     Integrate Old or former tracks (like F1 2013) f.e. Hockenheim 2001, Indianapolis 2007, Fuji 2008, Istanbul 2011, Imola 2006, Adelaide, Estoril, Argentina 1998, Magny-Cours 2008, Valencia street circuit 2012, Korea 2013, India 2013, Jerez, Nürburgring…

7)     Historic drivers for historic cars. Drivers of the year of the classic cars should be available to drive (F.e. McLaren 2008: Hamilton + Kovalainen). Integrate in challenges or time trial, etc. : Michael Schumacher, Mika Häkkinen, Jean Alesi, Jules Bianchi, Alain Prost, Jim Clark, Nigel Mansell, Niki Lauda, David Coulthard, Eddie Irvine, Damon Hill, Jaques Villeneuve, Juan-Pablo Montoya, Jenson Button

8)     Integrate the FIA F2 and GP3 (all official drivers and teams). Also integrate that in the Career mode to make a full rise from GP3 to F1.

9)     After the race all overtakes in the review, show each overtake (you can choose in the display), racewinning-overtake.

10)  Career mode: Pre-season. Presentation of the cars, answering the questions of journalists, Say your first predictions and targets for the season, winter testing, Shake-down (Ferrari in Fiorano – other teams in Silverstone). Shootout-drive for a full time race seat. Also test days through the season.

11)  More intelligence and logic from the AI. Overtaking must be more difficult and thrilling. Way to boring. KI must move completly to the inner line before the corner, individual for each driver (f.e. Verstappen and Magnussen are very hard defenders – force you very wide on track). Also when you drive on the inside line on the straight the KI must move completly with you to use all the tow and try to pass you, not just drive a little bit to the middle and than on the outside. The KI must also be more aggressive in overtaking/attacking (f.e. late moves from Ricciardo or Verstappen). Defending must become harder. Also the KI must defend really hard in the last lap if it’s for the win or title, also their teammates should make it difficult for you.

12)  Individual class of some drivers: f.e. Verstappen a little bit better than normal in wet conditions, Bottas faster on tracks with new asphalt).

13)  Radio communication. Synchronize radio sentences with original voices of the drivers of the season.

14)  Career mode: Helmets are too monotonous and boring. Add sponsors, numbers and logos on the helmets. Decide for which team you want to race and after that design your helmet (white helmet with main sponsor already on the helmet and visor). Change the colour of the visor.

15)  Career mode: „Showroom“. When you’re finished with creating your helmet design you can go in the Showroom and see the driver (with his helmet on) in the car in a 360 degree view.

16)  Career mode: News, rumours, etc. in a magazine, app, online portal to stimulate speculations.

17)  Add the „Shoey“ when Ricciardo is on the podium.

18)  Show-Events: coast down with a F1 car und make donuts, f.e. in London or a karting event in Bercy with all F1 drivers at the end of the season.

19)  More Commentating in the Grand-Prix mode. Commentators tell the gap, who’s got DRS, overtakes, best sector times, who comes in the pits, general information about the drivers.

20)  Some kind of „F1 Challenge“ game from Codemasters. Season 2010-2018 in one Career-mode with all drivers and teams in this nine years.

21)  More routine of an F1 driver: pressconference, sponsor events, etc.

22)  Accidents: Parts lay down on the track (danger of punctures), marshals clearing the track, a crashed car stays on the track without the driver and must be removed by the marshals or crane.

23)  Career mode: Chance to become Ferrari-, Mercedes-, Red Bull- oder Renault Junior Driver. When you got their backing it’s easier for you to get a contract at teams with the same engine. You’re under observation by these teams, also in the lower categories (F2, GP3), targets for each season make these teams.

24)  Career mode: Some kind of Set-Up Guide. Engeneer ask you about the behaviour of the car after your run and you can choose between diffrent answers, then car get’s adjusted to what you said and your next run is with the new Set-Up.

25)  Costume races: Determine the starting grid by yourself.

26)  Career mode: helmetdesign. More than three pattern-colours. Suggestion: white helmet with mainsponsor logo, subsequently put in precast patterns which you can choose. Also stickers (JB17) and team logos can be put on any places on the helmet.

27)  Career mode: Implement the factories of the F1 teams.

28)  Career mode: Own team. List of sponsors you can choose at the beginning of your career, choose your engine, team personal and second driver.

29)  Spray from the cars in wet conditions must be more realistic. More spray when it’s really wet.

30)  You must drive through puddles to cool your tyers. Better visualization of puddles.

31)  In-Lap after the race with some radio sentences you can choose from and pick up some tyre robber off track.

32)  Integrate total strength of each driver. Make categories (f.e. Overtaking, Defending, One Lap Pace, Qualifying-Pace, Race-Pace, Experience, Stamina, Potential, technical Know-How, aggression, weather condition skills, etc.).  

33)  Pit Stop: Same procedure as the start. Engage first gear and give full throttle until the limiter takes over.

34)  More sparks. Integrate the sound of bouncing from the floor and from the dirt when you drive off line.

35)  More mistakes by the KI. Spins, collisions, outbrake themselves and drive straight in the run-off area or opponent, lock ups.

36)  Career mode: relationchip between you and your teammate. Teamplayer, Supporting you or him in the championship, Ego, good and bad emotions

37)  New Engine Sounds for the cars.

38)  When the KI drivers go wide or beeing pushed off track they don’t have to drive immideatly on the track again. They should drive on the run-off area and than rejoin the track.

39)  More fussle at the start. The KI should not place in a row for the first corner. They should moving all over the track, not just one by one.

40)  Add the F1 seasons 2007 and 2008, because at that time there were no f1 games were you could play this seasons.

41)  Career mode: More Intro scenes from pre-season testing, driver line up presentation

42)  A more detailed damage modul. Suspension brake by contact, punctures when getting tacked by a front wing from another car, more parts breaking when you hit the wall, etc.

43)  Flips should be possible when you clip the wheel of another car.

What do you guys think? I know that a few things arent't possible probably but none the less I wrote them down. 



  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Co-Driver

    Great List mate.

    Only addition i'd make is the "helmet cam" with a effect of opening and closing the (tinted) visor whenever you are in the pits and more importantly a much better "look to apex" functionality to replicate the drivers natural head movement as realistic as possible.

    Also much more freedom in camera settings so that we get a wider range of values to choose from, even in F1 2017 the recreation of the "Official TV Cam" or the perfect cockpit seating position wasn't possible at a "perfect" level unfortunately.

    PS: Are you from Germany? Just curious as you used "KI" instead of "AI", lel.
    Nuke Humanity.....
  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Co-Driver

    ["1) Make the game fully functional before doing anything else"]

    Totally agree with you, but isn't it sad that our standards and general level of tolerance have indirectly been lowered so much over the past couple of years by a armada of defective products to the point that we have to expect such a ridiculously basic procedure (a "functioning game", lol) as the number one goal in 2018?

    Nuke Humanity.....
  • DaniBereznayDaniBereznay Member Unleaded
    We have just created a very long (1 hour) but probably the most detailed video with Brendon Leigh (esport champion) about F1 2018! 
    You can check it here if you are interested in! :) 

  • MaxBartle92MaxBartle92 Member New Car Smell
    @LilBrown47 ; I'm from Germany correct:-D
  • LilBrown47LilBrown47 Member Co-Driver

    Cool, Grüß Gott aus Bayern werter Kollege! ;)
    Nuke Humanity.....
  • MaxBartle92MaxBartle92 Member New Car Smell
    @LilBrown47 ;

    Grüße aus der Pfalz:# Hast du das neue Gran Turismo Sport? Wenn ja weißt du das die mit dem Lackierungseditor die Messlatte ziemlich hochgelegt haben und Codemasters muss sich da schon was Besseres einfallen lassen für dieses Jahr sonst gehen die unter...
  • thombrouwer90thombrouwer90 Member Pit Crew
    Point 24 would be absolutely awesome! This would add a whole new level of immersion to practice sessions and building up the race weekend as finding your setup becomes easier and more fun. My number 1 wish right there!
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  • Akkan74Akkan74 Member New Car Smell

    Point 24 would be absolutely great.

    Also they should add to play the explanation videos on a test track with comments from your engineer (e.g. to learn lift and coast).

    First of all it is right they should make the game stable and nearly bugfree.

    The list is awesome but i think it will take till 2025 to fullfill all this points.

  • mceci1mceci1 Member Wheel Nut
    Aarava and Ben (Tiametmarduk) have good ideas for career. One thing I would like to see, is pre season testing, to earn a few points for R&D and get an idea of where you may need to work on in the season
  • thombrouwer90thombrouwer90 Member Pit Crew
    Create your own formula 1 team which becomes the 11th team.
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    • SeatingPlaySeat Revolution (Black edition)
    • Attended Events: Abu Dhabi 2016 GP / Hungary 2017 GP / Barcelona Winter Testing 2018
  • MicheMai51MicheMai51 Member New Car Smell
    The most problem are on the multiplayer online!
    I agree all of career mode proposal, but first of all Codemasters must concentrate on multiplayer bugs.
  • SeanSalterF1SeanSalterF1 Member New Car Smell
    I have one response to this and it is simple. Liberty Media will allow probably 7/8 of these features in because of their licensing restrictions and what have you. I like the ideas but it is unrealistic that most of those will happen.
  • rbfan09rbfan09 Member New Car Smell
    better anti cheat feature because i just found out one of my friends has recently got his xb1 profile banned from playing f1 online for changing vaules in performance files for advantage basically with notepad. He even set 4 WR within a month suprisenly only tenths seprate him to other players in top 20 time trail. my friend was bragging about getting banned and how he changed the vaules and some of other players who are using same method to cheat. i wish i could name and shame lol
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