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SORLeagueSORLeague Member New Car Smell
Hi guys!
A new season of SOR is coming up and there are still spots remaining!

It´s PS4 only and we race on Sundays at 5PM
The races will be 50%, with a short qualifying (12 min) beforehand.
All assists are allowed except for braking.

All important information are on our Website, which is linked at the end.

We want competetive racing as well as commitment but please never forget to have fun 
There are still spots left, so sign up quickly to get the car you want 
race clean, fair and have fun!

Website: http://shadowonlineracing.jimdo.com
Contact: (PSN) Lakitu886 or itzbasti01
Twitter: @ShadowOnRacing
YouTube: Shadow Online Racing

PS: we´ll have a YouTube Livestream. If you want to be the commentator, you´re very welcome
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