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Safety car and Virtual Safety car Gone from COOP

Good afternoon, Since like 4 months ago been having problems with Safety car or virtual safety car , they are gone from Multiplayer coop championship , I've tried with Complete damage settings ON, also simulation settings turned on , also de flags and race length is 25% , there's been lot of accidents and the safety car or virtual safety car never get deployed , i also tried uninstalling the game reinstalling it again and didn't fixed it,  Its PC version of the game
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  • SmiXSmiX Member Unleaded
    edited March 9
    You are not alone. It is disabled by the game and you can't change it. That's because it is not working and Codemasters dont want to fix it, buy F1 2018 game to (maybe) get it fixed ... Every year, same problems ... (I am not buying this game in next years)
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  • netridernetrider Member New Car Smell
    Yes I'm not buying the one of this year either if the bugs that are known from this version don't get fixed
  • SmiXSmiX Member Unleaded
    I'd like to say if somebody in Codemasters have read this topic and enabled the SC, then DISABLE IT again, because it was disabled because it is soooo buggy!.

    Yesterday, we've seen a SC after months in our league races on PS4 & Xbox - we have two divisions and both races destroyed.
    SC appeared for no reason, caused crashes as some players was forced to overtake others, while others were disqualified for being too far behind SC (even if they were behind the cars). SC returned to pits lap after it appeared and then appeared again for no reason 5 times ... Totally destroyed races.

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  • netridernetrider Member New Car Smell
    Dont bother They ignore the community , both "support" threads are locked/closed
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