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Strange glitch in F1 2017

So today I was racing in Austin and decided to use photo mode to see what the pit crew do when we race. Everything was OK until I saw the garages of Vandoorne and Ericsson. These are their garages




Both had retired from the race and only their tires were visible in their garages along with the pit crew


I hope they fix this in F1 2018. Also there's a minor glitch in the Renault. When you are inside the garage your driver's hands clip through his legs. Its not game braking but its annoying


  • pijinpijin Member Race Engineer
    You’re new aren’t you? :P 

    Jk, mate, these sorts of bugs are common and have been around for years. Random sets of wheels floating over the track, drivers with wheels but no car, list goes on.. judging by the track record, I don’t expect it to be fixed. There are bigger issues that would be better served with some attention than this.
  • AvengerGR35AvengerGR35 Member New Car Smell
    Well, yes I am but I've been following this forum a few months :smile:

    I have seen these bugs before and they still haven't fixed most of them after years. Shame. I just hope F1 2018 has less bugs. I don't want anything new in 2018. They should keep the same features from last year and focus on polishing the game. But this is Codies we are talking about so I don't expect F1 2018 to be better
  • pijinpijin Member Race Engineer
    That’s the contradiction within though. They’ll encounter a lot of bad press from the “reviewers” if they don’t add a bunch of new features that may or may not be used. If they keep adding features and not fixing bugs, the user base won’t be happy. 

    Codemasters have to choose if they are willing to go a year without major new features and risk bad press at the expense of potentially winning back the community faith in their ability. For some; they are too far gone. To others, they can salvage something if they work at it. The lack of beta news is disconcerting though, since that’s where they need to push harder in the development season. Getting more people in to the beta and more real feedback. The QA team has proven less than adequate of late, and then post release, they just cop out of fixing major bugs. If they can ID more bugs in the beta phase by crowdsourcing the QA, they have a much better shot at success. 
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