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Tyre wear management

Hi there
Is there anyone here on keyboard having a hard time trying to get a perfect result on the tyre wear managment program using a keyboard. If you are nailing it please can you help me out with what I need to do to get it right
really having a hard time



  • DayvJonezDayvJonez Member New Car Smell
    I'm playing on PS4, but are you actually steering with a keyboard? That sounds ridiculous! I can't imagine staying on the racing line let alone doing it with any kind of tire wear efficiency. If it's a button you can't control how much force you're using...

    I think you ought to buy a wheel...
  • mufc9000mufc9000 Member New Car Smell
    Just connect a controller(ps4 or xbox) to your pc and play with that
  • EricTheRedEricTheRed Member New Car Smell
    I have tried and couldnt get it too work
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