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We NEED a new TOCA!

wbbf321wbbf321 Member New Car Smell
It should have the new 2018 or 2019 seasons but it should also have all the retro touring cars like F1 17 did with is retro cars. I please give us all those amazing cheats such as 'bigboy' or 'turbo' as no other Modern racing games have this amazing feature and I make the game 10 times better. (everyone will agree)<3 <3 <3. Also give us the chance to race the Clio's or Porsche's as they are a big part of it nowadays. Everyone who does agree we need codemasters to see this or other posts like this so do your bit and we could get a masterpiece of a game.
PS stop making DIRT we don't want another one.


  • MekaSapienMekaSapien Member New Car Smell
    It will be awesome, you need to evolve the idea codemasters implemented of a drivers life careers with good cutscenes, you were masters! and now with the f1 rpg elements, and maybe a procedural career with choises, 
  • davidcaveneydavidcaveney Member New Car Smell
    100% agree toca is what made codemasters now its time for them to make toca great again 
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