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Can you Please chance this thing.

For example (career): The KI Vettel is leading the Championship. Räikkönen is p1 and Vettel p2. In a race: they both have to chance tires. Nur Räikkönen who isnt leading the Championship goes first into the pits.
Question: can you chance that Vettel goes first into the pits and not Räikkönen? 


  • peyt0n89peyt0n89 Member Co-Driver
    edited March 17
    What is this?                                                                         
    I smell like a new car.
  • FrosterinoFrosterino Member New Car Smell
    He's asking if they can they add a system where the AI can undercut or overcut someone in the pits that theyre battling with instead of sticking to their pit strategy no matter what.
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