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Inside Line Racing League

jasg2207jasg2207 Member Unleaded
Competitive online Esports racing league exclusive to PS4. We run 4 leagues on F1 2017 - ILR1/2/3/4. Project Cars 2 - IndyILR & ILRGT on Gran Turismo

We have recently announced our first ever season into Dirt 4 Rally and sign up is now open on our forums. Events will be open for 7 days to complete them

We boast one of the quickest PS4 leagues in the world, with the top TT drivers on F1 and GT Sport competing in our league. To check out the details of the upcoming DIRT 4 league here are some important links - 

Forum - https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/ilr-dirt-4-rally-league

Twitter - https://twitter.com/ILRleague

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/InsideLineRacingLeague

To sign up get in touch on our forum or on twitter! 


  • jasg2207jasg2207 Member Unleaded
  • jasg2207jasg2207 Member Unleaded

    Rules -


    Day/Time: Every round is opened for a full week (00:00 Monday - 23:30 Sunday) which gives the drivers plenty of time to complete the rallies. The participants are free to complete their stages all throughout the week.

    Car Choice: For this season, the Modern Championship drivers have any* of the R5 cars to choose, which are the fastest and most modern available.

    • Ford Fiesta R5

    • Peugeot 208

    • Mitsubishi Space Star

    *The Hyundai i20 R5 has been disallowed from the competition due to it's unfair performance advantage and exclusivity to certain drivers.

    ● Rally format: Each rally consists of 6 stages. Season is also 5 rounds long. Locations TBC ● Day/time: Every round is opened for a full week (00:00 Monday - 23:45 Sunday) which gives the drivers plenty of time to complete the rallies.

    ●Assists - Allowed

    ● Penalties - Time penalties are generally taken care of by the game. Any kind of penalty time added by the game will stand.

    ●Participation - If you are unable to attend a rally, you have to give notice for your absence before the rally ends. This is done by informing a DiRT Coordinator of your situation, either by sending a private message or by making a post in the official rally thread. It is your responsibility to make sure the Coordinator gets your message.

    Other Information:

    Restarts: No

    Career Engineers: No

    Owned Cars: No


    Allowed Service: Every two stages, at the service you're also able to save and quit - This means you do not have to do all six stages in one go.


    ROUND 1


    W/C - 07/05/2018

    MONDAY 00:00 BST - SUNDAY 13TH 23:45 BST

    ROUND 2


    W/C - 14/05/2018

    MONDAY 00:00 BST - SUNDAY 20TH 23:45 BST

    ROUND 3


    W/C - 21/05/2018

    MONDAY 00:00 BST - SUNDAY 27TH 23:45 BST

    ROUND 4


    W/C - 28/05/2018

    MONDAY 00:00 BST - SUNDAY 3RD 23:45 BST

    ROUND 5


    W/C - 04/06/2018

    MONDAY 00:00 BST - SUNDAY 10TH 23:45 BST



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